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The Rebel Science E-Bookstore is open for business. All e-books use the Adobe PDF format. So you might have to install the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader on your computer. The process of buying a Rebel Science e-book is based on an honor system.
  1. Download an e-book by clicking on a link below.
  2. Read it.
  3. If you think it is worth it, use the Donate button below to make a payment. If not, you don't owe me anything.
  4. Pay the asking price or whatever you think the e-book is worth to you personally.
Available Books

How to Solve the Parallel Programming Crisis (PDF, 1068 Kb)

Abstract: This e-book defends the hypothesis that the two major crises that afflict the computer industry (unreliability and low productivity) are due to our having adopted the Turing Machine as the de facto computing model in the last century. The thread concept (algorithm) is fundamentally flawed and the use of multithreading in multicore processors exacerbates the productivity and reliability problems by at least an order of magnitude. The only way to solve the crisis is to switch to a non-threaded, non-algorithmic, synchronous (deterministic), reactive and implicitly parallel model.
(Asking donation: $20.00)

Note: E-books are updated regularly with minor corrections and improved graphics. Check date often.

Free Books

Rebel Cortex (unfinished): Design document for a visual recognition project.
Rebel Speech Recognition (unfinished): Design document for a speech recognition project.

Coming Soon

Alright. This is not a particularly big selection for a book store, I know, but I am currently working on two more titles: A New Kind of Physics and Rebel Artificial Intelligence.