Monday, October 1, 2018


Temporary Stop

I have decided to stop writing artificial intelligence and physics articles based on my interpretation of occult Biblical texts. At least for the time being. The reason is that I am not wise enough to judge the potential consequences. This moratorium will continue unless I somehow become wiser or someone wiser than me convinces me to end it. I may publish a demo AI application but not the source code.

By the way, I am on Twitter and Gab where I post my thoughts on various subjects including AGI, politics, mainstream AI, free speech, world affairs and architecture. I will make all major future announcements (such as the release of a demo app) on Gab exclusively.


Anonymous said...

You might find interesting. What do you think?

They take the symbolic route.

Unknown said... looks mediocre. Sorry, symbolic ai is a dead end. Doomed for failure before they even began. Their team reeks of pompous academics. These so called geniuses have no clue what they are doing.

Louis Savain said...

Spent Death is correct. At first glance, looks like a fraudulent operation looking for foolish investors. Symbolic AI is crap, period. But these guys are not the only ones fighting for a return to GOFAI. Psychologist Gary Marcus thinks it's the only way to solve the problems of deep learning. He calls it "innateness." It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Louis Savain said...

This is off topic but I would like to point to something that has been in the back of my mind for quite a while. I predicted back in April of this year that the Jewish community should brace themselves for bad news. The recent terrorist attack on a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburg has brought my worst fears to the surface.

Many in the Christian communities of western nations, and especially here in the US, now see the liberal globalist left, the mainstream media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood as the enemy. They believe that leftist Jewish plutocrats are behind it and that they have a bone to pick with white Christianity. I believe this hostility between Christians and Jews will escalate to open civil war. This will put undue hardship on non-leftist Jews and especially on Israel. It will get very ugly before it gets better, I'm sorry to say.

iNews said...

Hello, sorry for off-topic. Have you heard that IBM created new quantum computer? I am very hate that idea with qbit, whose can be in 1 & 0 position at the same time. What do you think about that, maybe review about this computer will great idea for new article.

With best regards

Anonymous said...

"The reason is that I am not wise enough to judge the potential consequences."

Either you think too highly of yourself and your ideas OR deep down you know it's all just nonsense you tell yourself to lower the cognitive dissonance.

"I predicted back in April of this year that the Jewish community should brace themselves for bad news."

It's not impressive to predict a bad time for jews when national socialists (Trump) combined with reactionary christians (Pence) are in control of a country that is owned by a small group of wealthy capitalists. You yourself even echo the classic "evil atheist globalist leftist Jews control everything" trope that got the germans all fired up to start WW2. I'm not calling you a Nazi (yet) but you sure sound like an enabler.

Rick Deckard said...

Your best material yet, publish your thoughts, ideas, no matter what they are... you are a prodigy, there are no bad ideas