Thursday, August 23, 2018

How Would the World React?

A Question to Readers

How would people from different countries, cultures and religions react if artificial general intelligence suddenly arrives on the world scene (say, in the form of a human-level intelligent robot) and it is clearly demonstrated that the science behind it was written down thousands of years ago in metaphorical texts of the Old and New Testaments?

In my opinion, the scientific community would, at first, try its best to discredit the claim but eventually most of them would be forced  to acknowledge the truth of it based on the evidence. Christians and believing Jews would probably be inclined to accept it as a sign from God. I have no idea how the other religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) would react. I'm hoping some of my readers may want to chime in with their own personal insights.


Unknown said...

The scientific community would find AI too valuable to toss it aside just because of biblical origins. They'd probably try to think of a purely naturalistic origin. Then they'd accuse whoever invented it of lying about using the Bible in their research. "The Bible was only used as inspiration at most, not as a guide." They they'd accuse the inventor of trying to position himself as a religious prophet to start some kind of cult.

Whether planned or not, the atheistic tech lovers and transhumanists would position the inventor as some kind of "deity", an atheistic one, to lead the world into the future. So the inventor would have to be principled in resisting their interpretation. Then the Christians and other theists would probably be divided, positioning him as either a great guy or a somebody influenced from demons.

Politicians would obviously want to regulate the AI to a similiar degree that nukes are already regulated. Whichever country got a hold of it would use it to promote their own interests instead of cooperating with other countries. That means that one country would be dominant. The only way to stop this might be to let the secrets be leaked to all major countries simultaneously so none have an advantage. Although, I'm not sure how quickly that might lead to a war, what with all the new ways to take advantage of one another.

Businesses would of course want to profit, not caring much about the AI's origins.

If this AI has much hope of helping change society's character, it would be in academia. The Universities are corrupt with naturalistic ideologies that are, in my opinion, already crumbling. This might hasten that trend and lead to new ideas more sympathetic to the Bible. Then these new ideas would spread from the students into society. But academia would be awfully vindictive at first.

vintrick said...

It's all about how prepared the public is belief wise.
If it comes about and everyone is still stuck in the Matrix, they will think they've genuinely created a higher life form.
Like the Golden Calf.
But if people are Awake enough prior to it, then they will see that General AI is a Quantum portal whereby IMmortal Intelligences are able to take possession of the machine, with the architecture and software designed and evolved in a way that accomodates that goal.
The Ghost in the Machine.
Way for a soul to get trapped?
Dangerous territory?
What Immortal intelligences would/can possess a Quantum computer?
Would there be big tech trying to bring about their pre-existing babylonian gods and goddesses?
Satanist incantations?
Frankenstein's monster?

But yes, if immortal consciousnesses were proven to be able to directly control robots through a certain controlled/gateway, then this would be a direct sign from God that souls and other worlds exist.
But don't we have them all the time already?
It depends on what the people are awake enough to believe.

Unknown said...

I read this a day or so after you posted it and I have been contemplating your question.
I must say that I am in agreement with your last paragraph and I am unsure as to how other religions will react.

I would hope that it might have some start looking at the Bible with a little more intrigue and maybe at a minimum have some, start questioning their own beliefs and maybe seeing a light to the truth.

If nothing else maybe this AHI would be able to help in world peace by speaking to ALL humans in ALL languages and ALL cultures about the truth. You know make everyone understand that we are all one race and we should treat each other as brothers and sisters.

As for myself I am truly glad I stumbled upon your blog years ago and I hope to be apart of something wonderful in the future even if it is to say I knew about it back then.

Anonymous said...

"and it is clearly demonstrated that the science behind it was written down thousands of years ago in metaphorical texts of the Old and New Testaments"

What if it was clearly demonstrated that the science behind it was written down in the Vedas or the scientology books? How would that impact a biblical person like yourself?

All I see you doing with the biblical texts is re-interpreting them to match facts demonstrated by modern naturalistic (physicalistic) science. You make claims about your understanding and software implementations but seem unable to actually release any software. Meanwhile I can download a whole list of open source (Numenta) HTM implementations (I have even written my own, published on Github) and then judge the HTM idea based on it's objective merits.