Friday, August 24, 2018

Temporal Correlations and Predictions in the Cortex

Using Minicolumns for Predictions and Temporal Correlations

This is another short post. I have written previously about cortical columns. I claimed that the minicolumns that comprise cortical columns are highly predictive event detectors. That is to say, the firing of a minicolumn is predictive of the firing of a minicolumn residing in another cortical column. Minicolumns owe their predictive abilities to the fact that they detect rare temporal correlations.
Note to believers: The Book of Zechariah (Zech 3:8) uses the Hebrew word 'mo.phet' which means wonder, miracle, symbol or sign (of a future event) to describe the activation of a 7-node minicolumn. That is to say, the activation of a minicolumn (the stone with seven eyes) is a rare event that announces another event.
Temporal correlations run the gamut from highly correlated to occasionally correlated concurrent signals. The signals that arrive at the entry or bottom layer of the neocortex come from highly correlated patterns. As one climbs up the cortical hierarchy, the minicolumns detect less and less frequent correlations. It just so happens that the less frequent a correlation is, the more deterministic it also is. A fully deterministic prediction is one that has only one predictor. In other words, minicolumns at the higher levels of the cortical hierarchy are very deterministic.
A cortical column shown with five minicolumns
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Thursday, August 23, 2018

How Would the World React?

A Question to Readers

How would people from different countries, cultures and religions react if artificial general intelligence suddenly arrives on the world scene (say, in the form of a human-level intelligent robot) and it is clearly demonstrated that the science behind it was written down thousands of years ago in metaphorical texts of the Old and New Testaments?

In my opinion, the scientific community would, at first, try its best to discredit the claim but eventually most of them would be forced  to acknowledge the truth of it based on the evidence. Christians and believing Jews would probably be inclined to accept it as a sign from God. I have no idea how the other religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) would react. I'm hoping some of my readers may want to chime in with their own personal insights.