Wednesday, July 25, 2018

AI Hot Potato

This AI thing is a hot potato. It's getting so hot, I'm on the verge of dropping it. I don't need the hassle. In a different world, I would be all for it. This world is not moving in the right direction. True AI can only hasten its demise. The remorse would kill me long before it happens.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

No Pattern Hierarchy in the Thalamus

I Make Mistakes All the Time

I was wrong about the need for a pattern hierarchy in the thalamus. There is no 10-level binary tree. The only memory hierarchy is in the cortex and it is a hierarchy of minicolumns. I was wrong because I trusted my own flawed assumptions over the occult texts that I use in my AI research. I should know better by now. The texts are never wrong. I have no excuse.

The result of this latest revision is that pattern learning is much, much faster and easier to implement than I had assumed. There are about four times as many sensors as pattern neurons and the pattern neurons have only four inputs on average. My newest experimental program now has fewer neurons than before and its recognition accuracy and noise tolerance have improved dramatically.

The Demo

I am working on a demo application (speech recognition) that I plan to release without the learning module (sorry). What will make this app special is that it will have unprecedented (spooky might be a better word) noise immunity. However, I do not want to attract too much attention. I don't need it. So I must plan this carefully. Hang in there.

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