Sunday, June 24, 2018

True Free Market Capitalism Is the Solution

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Intelligent Machines Will Eliminate Human Labor Within Our Lifetimes

Many people are beginning to worry that automation will take their jobs. There is no question that intelligent machines will eventually do pretty much everything for us. In any just system, workers would welcome this with open arms. We are afraid of losing our jobs because we live in a slave system created by thieving plutocrats. The thieves know they got a big pressing problem on their hands. Their solution: socialism. But why should the unemployed masses receive a subsistence handout while the equally unemployed plutocrats live in decadent luxury? What makes them so special?

We Want True Capitalism, Not Socialism

We need no socialist programs like free education, housing, health care or whatnot. We are not children in need of babysitters. We just want what belongs to us by right to spend as we see fit in a free market system. Only a free market system can determine the proper value of property, goods and services. What we want is true capitalism where the capital belongs to all the people who own it by right. In true capitalism, the corporations belong to the people and so do the profits. If necessary or desired, workers can make more money via fair competition in a free market. When all workers are replaced by intelligent machines, the system simply continues without fail. True AI (AGI) will make everyone rich. But first, we must get rid of the plutocratic thievery, otherwise we are heading straight for disaster. And above all, do not accept the so-called universal basic income (UBI) that is being heavily promoted by the plutocrats. It is a trick, another socialist handout disguised as a humanitarian gesture. In reality, they steal your stuff and give you back a tiny percentage of it while pretending to be generous. Do not fall for this ruse.

In a Just Economic System, There is No Taxation

Our current economic systems have it completely backwards. The government should not be taxing the people. It should be the other way around. In a just society, there is no taxation: everything becomes a for-profit corporation that works for the people. This includes cities, counties, states, nations, etc. Everything! The people are the government and the shareholders. As shareholders, they can vote to change the direction of the corporations when necessary. This is direct democracy. The land and its resources, which are represented by the total amount of currency in circulation (the capital), belong to all and are leased to corporations for exploitation. The currency should be pegged to the average lease price of the land. This would eliminate fluctuations and insure a stable currency. Special banking and investment corporations would invest the capital in various corporations and collect the profits on our behalf. The current stock market system is an abomination.

The Writing Is on the Wall

Here is a direct warning to the thieving plutocracy: Stop stealing from the people. Soon, thanks to intelligent automation, it will become obvious to them that they have been robbed for centuries. Unless you change your thieving ways, they will wake up and kick your asses.

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