Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I May Have Been Wrong About the Organization of Pattern Memory

The Two Olive Trees

Special Note: This is for believers only.

After going over my current interpretation of the occult texts regarding pattern learning (I retrace my steps all the time), it is quickly dawning on me that I may be wrong. Pattern memory and pattern learning may be even simpler than I thought. I had long assumed that pattern memory had to be organized hierarchically, like a tree. I had originally arrived at that conclusion because the occult text (Zechariah 4) mentions two olive trees, an olive tree being the occult symbol for a hierarchical memory structure. At the time, I assumed that it meant that there was one hierarchy for sequence memory and another for pattern memory. I subsequently concluded that the two olive trees only referred to the two complementary hierarchies (Yin and Yang) of sequence memory. Each hierarchy contains cortical columns that complement the columns in the other one.

The Fig Trees

I continued to use a hierarchical pattern memory even though I was having problems with it in my computer experiments. My implementation did learn to detect concurrent patterns and it was a very fast learner. The problem was that it created way too many pattern neurons. I held on to my assumption because the occult text (Zechariah 3) does use a tree to symbolize pattern detectors although it is a fig tree and not an olive tree. Still, I felt that something was wrong. Why would the text use an olive tree to symbolize the hierarchical organization of sequence memory as a whole and a fig tree to symbolize a single pattern detector? It did not add up.

Much Simpler Than I Thought

I am currently thinking that pattern memory may not be hierarchical at all. But I have to give it more thought. This is a major revision to my previous model. I may be wrong again because I have been wrong many times before in my research. I am writing code to test my new hypothesis. I will post an update soon whether or not the new model is successful. Stay tuned.

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