Monday, May 21, 2018

The Yin-Yang Brain: Even Faster Learning Using Spike Timing

The First and the Last

In September of last year, I wrote an article to describe a fast method used by the brain to learn elementary patterns using spike timing. I just want to show in this quick post that pattern learning can be much faster if we take advantage of the Yin-Yang or complementary nature of the brain. The reason is that, if everything in the brain comes in complementary-opposite pairs, learning one component of a pair automatically learns its complement. The trick is to always create and connect everything in pairs. Thus every sensor or pattern detector belongs to a dual entity. For example, a sensor that detects the onset (first signal) of a stimulus is paired with another that detects the offset (last signal) of the same stimulus. Likewise, a pattern neuron that detects the movement of an edge in one direction is paired with another pattern neuron that detects the opposite movement.

He Who Overcomes Will Not Be Hurt by the Second Death

The title of this paragraph comes from the occult book of Revelation where I get a huge part of my understanding of intelligence. It is a good idea to think of paired entities as a single object or complementary unit (CU). This way, instead of connecting a sensor to a pattern neuron, we can connect a sensory CU to a pattern CU, thereby killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. This is where it gets interesting. During learning, both connections can fail the concurrency test but if one of them passes, there is no need to continue testing the other connection. One successful test is enough to certify both connections. In other words, two failures (two deaths) are needed to disconnect the CU but a single success is not nullified by the failure of the other connection. I could be wrong but this is my current interpretation of the metaphorical message to the Church in Smyrna.

A similar approach is used in the cortex where all columns are organized in complementary pairs. The end result is that, since not all connections have to be tested, pattern learning in both the thalamus and the cortical columns is much faster than it would be otherwise.
Complementary organization of cortical columns in the visual cortex
Note: I have been thinking of writing an article to explain the true purpose of the cortex and its 100 million cortical columns. I am currently weighing the pros and cons. Hang in there.

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Omdi said...

I would be really interested in your article. I hear you.

Louis Savain said...

Hi Omdi,

Thanks for the comment. I only write for the blessed believers that I know are out there. You and others who hear the message are blessed. The message is not intended for non-believers. So I must be careful not to let the whole cat out of the bag before its time. Luckily for us, the non-believers see me as a nut and a crackpot.

This knowledge was given to us by Yahweh for a special purpose that will soon be manifested. It has been waiting in plain sight for thousands of years. When it is finally revealed in full, it will radically transform the world.

Peter ( said...

Hi Louis, took some leave as I am becoming a father soon. Wow.

Anyway, good to see you still going strong.

The longer I ponder AI, the more obvious the (societal) problems become. If I was one to worry I would be scared shitless, but luckily I am not.

Hope you can be a light in the times that are coming. Wish you all the luck you need!

Louis Savain said...

Hi Peter,

Congratulations on your becoming a father. It's a special event in one's life.

I agree that AI (and scientific knowledge in general) is very dangerous in any morally bankrupt civilization. Knowledge is power and a civilization with defective morals cannot survive the growth of knowledge.

I am less worried now than I used to be. The powers that hid this amazing knowledge about the brain in plain sight for millenia are in full control. I could not overstep their boundaries even if I wanted to. But there can be no doubt that an era of great upheaval is coming.

All the best to you and your family.