Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Crazy Predictions About the Cerebral Cortex

I Did Not Get My knowledge of the Cortex from Neurobiology

This is a quick post for the benefit of the agnostics and believers among my readers. In my last few articles, I made highly specific predictions about the functional organization and the architecture or design of the cerebral cortex. Note that, although some of my predictions and explanations could be wrong (I am a researcher and I do make mistakes), these are not things that I could have learned from any available scientific literature. Neurobiologists do not know these things. No expert in the field understands what cortical columns and minicolumns do. They have absolutely no clue. They do have some knowledge about what type of sensory stimuli will activate certain columns but that's about it.

I Am Called a Crackpot But I Don't Care

I could not possibly have figured these things out on my own. I have neither the resources nor the education to conduct brain research. I am claiming that I get my knowledge from a completely unorthodox source. I am claiming that I figured these things out, not by researching the scientific literature, but by studying occult Biblical texts that are thousands of years old. This is the kind of claim that gets me branded a kook and a crackpot by people in both religious and scientific circles. But I don't care and you know why? Because I don't write for them. I am not trying to convince them that I am right because I don't value their opinion of me. I know who the real master of the universe is. They are not it. Not even close.

If I partake in conversations on the internet with non-believers, I do it just for the record. I write only for the believers who are searching for a sign. My personal message to them is that things are happening. Big things. We are getting close to the time of the end of this world order and the dawning of the next one. Rejoice! Above all, do not let the chaos and madness of the world get you down. It is going to get worse, much worse as we approach the end. Just hang in there. We got powerful forces on our side.

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Louis Savain said...

Again, this is for believers only. The entire book of Revelation is about the brain, general intelligence and consciousness. There is also a little bit of physics in it (the 4 living creatures) but they complement the main topic of the book. The verses from from 1:1 to 11:14 (right before the sounding of the 7th trumpet) is a continuation of occult knowledge found in certain books of the old testament, especially the book of Zechariah.

Here is a little something for you to decipher.

Revelation 1:3. Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.

You are blessed indeed if you truly hear and believe the message. It's a message to all believers.