Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Am No Fan of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking Was in Serious Denial

I know this is not a popular opinion but I was no fan of Hawking. I am no fan of materialists who believe and teach others to believe that they have no souls and are just machines. I am no fan of people who believe that the universe created itself and that life sprung from inert dirt by chance. I am certainly no fan of any so-called physicist who believes and teaches others to believe that time travel is physically possible. Such a person is a crackpot and/or a charlatan in my view.

But this is not the end of Hawking. He is just asleep. As a Christian, I know that a day will come when his soul will be resurrected in a new body and he will learn the truth that he spent his entire life and career denying. May Yahweh have mercy on his soul.

And yes, I still mean every word of this article that I wrote eight years ago: Sitting on a Mountain of Crap, Wasting Time. Harsh words, yes. But I apologize to no one.

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Brad Willborn said...

I went back and read your Einstein's Physics is Crap again, I've been reading your stuff for 12 or more years. I remember the lattice ideas too.
Any way I was wondering:

If Black Holes are crap how do you explain when they talk about detecting the light bending of stars through a telescopes?


Louis Savain said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the comment. Actually the bending of light is also a prediction of Newtonian physics. Heck, even Galileo could have predicted it since he was the first to discover that the acceleration of gravity was the same for all bodies regardless of their mass. Any massive star or other bodies will bend light, not just the so-called "black holes".

As it turns out, the acceleration of light by gravity is even faster than that of massive bodies for reasons that physicists cannot explain. They have equations but equations are not explanations; they are descriptions of phenomena.

Brad Willborn said...

That makes sense.
So are all the images I have seen of a black hole bending light just been artist rendering of the concept?
I thought there was some evidence of that recently but I'll have to look it up.

Also, can you explain the acceleration of light by gravity a little more?

Louis Savain said...

No black hole has ever been detected since the concept is illogical: it leads to an infinite regress. A super massive body is not a black hole. Physicists have no idea what causes gravity.

In my model, gravity is caused by a deficiency of energy in regions where there are lots of particles moving about. Massive objects have more gravity due to their particle density. Even moving photons cause gravity. The activity causes an energy imbalance, i.e., a violation of energy conservation. Nature tries to correct the violation by moving energy, i.e., both massive and non massive particles, toward the location of the violation. The force of gravity in this model is instantaneous because 1) distance is an illusion and 2) the violation extends around the source of the violation according to an inverse square law.

The recent announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves is a complete scam to defraud the public. It's amazing what passes for science in this world. I've written about the cause of gravity before. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

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