Sunday, January 14, 2018

The High Priest, the Golden Menorah and the Cortical Column

The Six Layers of the Cortical Column

This is yet another short post to bring something to the attention of those who have an ear to hear. If you are not a believer, this article is not meant for you. There are approximately a hundred million cortical columns in the brain. A cortical column is a cylindrical bundle of nerves that is set perpendicular to the surface of the cortex. It is a single structure with six layers and around a hundred minicolumns on average. I understand the function and organization of the cortical column, not because I am smarter than anyone else, but because I deciphered the vision in the occult book of Zechariah. I was not easy. It took me close to two decades but I did it. Think of a tabernacle (or house) made of a number of building blocks. Each block has seven eyes. The tabernacle is ruled by a single High Priest who is associated with the eye in the center of each block. The other six eyes are associated with the other priests who serve in the tabernacle with the High Priest.

Here is my interpretation. The eyes on a block symbolize pattern detectors. The cortical column is the tabernacle which is ruled by a single input from a chosen pattern detector. It represents the center eye (or node) on every building block. Each minicolumn is a building block and only one minicolumn can be activated at a time. The six layers of a minicolumn are the six eyes that accompany the high priest or center detector. A single cortical column at the bottom level of the cortical hierarchy with 100 minicolumns can have up to 600 pattern inputs from the thalamus. Columns at a higher level receive their inputs from the level immediately below theirs. The important thing to remember is that a cortical column is associated with or ruled by a single pattern detector symbolized by Joshua the High Priest in Zechariah's vision. The other pattern detectors are helpers or associates of the High Priest.

Zechariah also describes massive feedback pathways from the top layer descending through the hierarchy all the way back down to the pattern detectors in the thalamus. A feedback pathway is symbolized by the sprout or shoot. Some translations erroneously call it the branch. It is a two-way pathway: it carries pattern signals (splendor) from a minicolumn up the hierarchy and feedback signals (grace) down the hierarchy. I'll leave this topic for a future article.

The Golden Menorah Symbolizes Consciousness

But what about the golden seven-lamp menorah described in Zechariah's vision? It is the consciousness that goes back and forth through an awakened branch of the cortical hierarchy. It has seven lamps or eyes which are seven spirits (qualia?) that can interact with activated minicolums. You would not be conscious of anything without it.

There will be more to come in the foreseeable future. Enjoy.

Friday, January 12, 2018

I Understand the Cortical Column

Just a quick post for the record. My original model of the cortical column was in error. The column does not represent a sequence of nodes, as I assumed back then, but a single node in a long sequence. Each minicolumn is a different manifestation of that one node. I was right about one thing: only one minicolumn can be activated at a time. The activation of a minicolumn is very deterministic and highly predictive: it has only one successor and one predecessor. That's all for now.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Have a Dream

Yaskawa Electric’s industrial robot Motoman.
Photograph by Yoshikazu Rsuno — AFP/Getty Images

I Would Like to Build a Robot Cook

I need money to finance a robotics project. I would like to build an intelligent robot cook, one that is smart enough to walk into any equipped kitchen and fix a meal of scrambled eggs with bacon, toast and coffee, and clean up afterwards. Mainstream artificial intelligence practitioners enjoy bragging about their achievements using deep learning and other AI techniques. They want us to believe that they are making progress toward true intelligence by making machines that can beat a human expert at board games like chess or GO. Don't let them fool you. None of it has anything to do with artificial general intelligence (AGI). In spite of the hype, their brand of AI could not be used to perform the simplest tasks that humans have no trouble with. The robot cook I am talking about is hopelessly beyond their capabilities.

Raising the Money

I want to obtain the necessary funds for my project without raising suspicions from ill-intentioned parties. My current plan is to offer a device for hearing impaired individuals that would enhance foreground speech while muting all background noises, including other voices. Many hearing impaired people have trouble tuning out unwanted noises from a conversation. They don't so much have a hearing problem as a problem with their attention mechanism. This is not a problem that can be solved with ear plugs at this time. It requires significant computing resources which can only be provided by a more powerful device such as a smartphone.

Smartphone App

My plan is to market this product as a smartphone app. The worldwide hearing aids market is in the billions of dollars. Such an app could potentially help me raise all the funds I need for my robotics project. I refuse to accept any investment from third parties. Wish me luck.