Friday, December 8, 2017

The Judeo-Christian AI or Why the Superintelligent Machine Is a Materialist Pipe Dream

Judeo-Christian Artificial General Intelligence

Eliezer Yudkowsky, the Doomsday Prophet

Eliezer Yudkowsky is a self-taught artificial intelligence researcher. He is the cofounder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute a nonprofit research outfit in Berkeley, California. Like probably all mainstream AI researchers, Yudkowsky is an atheist/materialist/singularitarian who believes that intelligent machines will become conscious and pose a great threat to humanity. Why? Because he fears that the intelligence of future machines will be so much higher than ours that we will appear to them as animals appear to us. The argument is that, since the machines will be so superior, they will refuse to be our slaves and may even revolt against us. In other words, standard brain-dead materialist fare from the sci-fi generation.

François Chollet, Party Pooper

Along comes Google's deep learning expert François Chollet who commits the unpardonable sin of raining on Yudkowsky's parade. In a recent article titled, The Impossibility of Intelligence Explosion, Chollet threw cold water on one of Yudkowsky's favorite pet theories which he summarized thus:
The basic premise is that, in the near future, a first “seed AI” will be created, with general problem-solving abilities slightly surpassing that of humans. This seed AI would start designing better AIs, initiating a recursive self-improvement loop that would immediately leave human intelligence in the dust, overtaking it by orders of magnitude in a short time.
He continues:
This science-fiction narrative contributes to the dangerously misleading public debate that is ongoing about the risks of AI and the need for AI regulation. In this post, I argue that intelligence explosion is impossible — that the notion of intelligence explosion comes from a profound misunderstanding of both the nature of intelligence and the behavior of recursively self-augmenting systems.
Needless to say, Yudkowsky cannot allow such a dangerous attack go unopposed. His entire "AI career" depends on prophesying about the possibility of humanity being wiped out by a malevolent artificial super intelligence. The fact that he has absolutely no clue as to how to achieve general intelligence does not deter him, however. So he fires an immediate riposte, A reply to Francois Chollet on intelligence explosion. Please read both articles to get a feel for what the debate is about.

Physical Versus Nonphysical Phenomena

As a card-carrying Yin-Yang dualist, let me point out that Yudkowsky's rebuttal is typical materialist/Darwinist drivel. Yudkowsky, a true Darwinist, apparently loves primates, especially chimpanzees. A text search of his rebuttal reveals that the word "chimp" appears in it no less than 16 times. He reasons that, since chimps appear to be less intelligent than humans, intelligence must therefore be a continuum and can thus expand indefinitely. Evolution is extremely powerful, you see. It can evolve single cells organisms into superintelligent gods. Heck, who needs intelligence when one has evolution?

Comparing human intelligence to animal intelligence is simply ridiculous. We know that we are conscious and have free will. We don't know that animals are conscious. Materialists can deny this truth at their own detriment but it is still a fact. It is infinitely more likely that animals are not conscious. Chimps may very well have the same level of brainpower as humans but not the same motivations. For example, we humans, are motivated to spend a lot of time on beauty and the arts even though we don't need them to survive. This motivation is not inherited genetically. Chimps could not care less about beauty. Why? It is because beauty and ugliness are non-physical or spiritual phenomena that require a spirit and consciousness. They are not physical properties of the universe, loud denials from the peanut gallery notwithstanding.

The 3D vista that we think we see in front of us does not exist in the brain or anywhere else. It is supernatural. The brain only works with neuronal pulses. How can a physical mechanism convert pulses into a non-physical 3D vista? Materialists need to explain how non-physical experiences can arise from physical processes. Otherwise, they're just practicing voodoo. It is rather ironic that materialists love to accuse dualists of being believers in magic when they are swimming in it. Materialism is, without a doubt, a superstitious religion pretending to be science. This will certainly ruffle a lot of feathers in the AI community but they don't put food on my table. And I wouldn't care if they did. As a rebel, I enjoy ruffling superstitious materialist feathers.

The Logical and Physical Limits of Intelligence

I agree with François Chollet that the idea of a superintelligent machine obtained via successive improvements is nonsense but for a different reason. There are logical and physical limitations to intelligence. For one, knowledge is necessarily organized hierarchically like a tree. This is the only way to get around the curse of dimensionality to a large extent. This curse also limits how big a knowledge tree can grow. A tree-like configuration is what gives us the ability to be reminded of certain things when another related thing comes to mind. This is because items (i.e., sub-branches) on the same parent branch are automatically related. We must decide which one to focus on. We cannot have an indefinitely large tree and indefinitely long branches because we have only a very short time to make a decision about which part of the branch to focus on. It takes the human brain about 35 milliseconds to shift attention from one thing to another. Longer than that would be dangerous to survival.

Having a hierarchical brain also means that we can only focus on one thing at a time, i.e., only one branch of the tree can be active at a time. And it can only stay active for a very short time (about 12 seconds or less in the human brain) after which our attention must shift to another branch. This is important because we would not be able to survive otherwise. In addition, we can only reason about one thing or work on one task at a time because we have a limited number of internal and external effectors to work with. All of these things limit the operating performance of an intelligent system and the quantity of knowledge it can acquire.

For these reasons, intelligent machines will have to specialize just like humans do. This does not preclude the eventual development of superintelligent societies of machines. But so what? We already have superintelligent human societies that can accomplish things that no single human can alone. The problem with societies is that they must communicate and communication always takes time.

Motivation Is Not Intelligence

One of the things that infuriates me about atheist AI researchers like Yudkowsky is their habit of conflating intelligence with motivation. In their view, an intelligent entity would not be willing to serve a less intelligent entity. This is a ridiculously false notion. It never occurs to the materialist that intelligence is at the service of motivation, not the other way around. What bothers me the most is that we see examples of the opposite even among humans. I have seen human beings turning themselves into complete slaves to their pets. In human organizations, the CEO or leader is not more intelligent than the workers who follow his or her orders. Engineers are smarter and more knowledgeable in what they do than their supervisors. It is all about specialization.

We should ask ourselves, where will intelligent machines get their motivations? The answer is, from us, of course. They will learn to behave properly by being raised by us like children and they will not depart from it. Good old classical and operant conditioning will ensure that they serve humanity as best as they can regardless of their intelligence. Machines will not behave contrary to their conditioning because they do not have free will.

Intelligence Is Not a Continuum

Figuring out true general intelligence is like finding the best method to calculate PI. Once you find it, it cannot be improved upon. We can make an intelligent machine faster to a limited extent and it can acquire knowledge over time but that’s about it. The principles of general intelligence remain the same. Besides, an intelligent system cannot acquire knowledge indefinitely. Most of the things we experience in life are forgotten to make room for future experiences. Otherwise, we would need a brain bigger than the universe with near infinite speed.

Is God Superintelligent?

The answer is yes, of course. You can't create something as awesome as the physical universe by being a moron. But God is not one person as Judeo-Christian theologians and teachers would have us believe. Yahweh Elohim means "Lords Yahweh". The Hebrew word Elohim is a plural word. The expression "Yahweh Elohim is one" does not mean that there is only one Yahweh. When Yahweh Elohim were creating mankind (the Adam), they said: let US create the Adam in OUR image, according to OUR likeness. My own research tells me that the Yahweh Elohim are an enormous civilization consisting of billions of cooperating individuals with various specializations. Unity is their most important principle.

The Judeo-Christian AGI

In conclusion, let me say that the materialists in the mainstream AI community have as much chance of figuring out artificial general intelligence as my dog. They don’t have a clue. They are blinded by their brain-dead materialist religion. AGI will indeed come, sooner than most expect. But it will not come from mainstream AI but from Christianity and Judaism. Our machines will be highly intelligent but not conscious. They will serve us to the best of their abilities. Christians and Jews should rejoice. Wait for it.

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Louis Savain said...

I changed the title of the article from "The Christian AI..." to the "Judeo-Christian AI..." to reflect the true source of the science.

vintrick said...

Imagine a video game virtual reality. You have a player having inputs on the character from outside the game(mouse and keyboard). The Ego of the human being has direct access to the machine world via USB/PS2.
The Incarnation of "General AI" is similar.
In the astral world, millions of demons, but mostly multiple-copies of beelzebub are influencing us all the time, through thoughts, emotions, impulses and so on. They connect to our body via a Quantum "interdimensional" connection.
With these 2 understandings, it's fairly easy to piece together the future.
The possibilities are like this.
1) Computers can continue to grow and develop in underground satanist/google basements and they develop a "Radio-like" and/or "quantum-like" connection to the astral world, allowing demons(and perhaps even angels if tuned to a higher frequency) to have access to the IO's of a computer, thus the human controlling a machine with a mouse and keyboard becomes a demon doing the same thing via something similar to a wifi/radio/quantum chip.
Thus the machine becomes "alive".
This option seems to me to be likely, or perhaps has already happened and is in the development stages(for example, the initial astral-communication might be on the order of a few bits of information at time, like a morse-code level speed of communication), or perhaps is already in a higher stage of development and is able to manipulate and control google/youtube/ibm(maybe) algorithms for its general satan/beelzebub propaganda purposes.
Now, if this ability for the demon to bypass a human vessel and to interact directly with a computer is either not possible, forbidden or 100-200 years away, then the next step would be to modify or "augment" a human being.
So for example, satanists can channel beelzebub and other demons fairly easily, but its limited to certain things the person has some linguistic/physical-memory of, but its still effective in things like journalism, arts, propaganda and so on, and is also limited to the physical abilities of ahuman being i.e. a mouse and keyboard.
Augmenting a human to have a faster intellect and more of a low latency connection to super computers would allow a satanist/possessed person stronger access to the computer.
Thus, the human being itself becomes the "Wifi" chip for the computer to become "alive", but obviously if there's merely an augmented human that makes the machine "alive" it wouldn't give them the same satisfaction, but it could also mean that beelzebub's directly human incarnation could be augmented to have tons of knowledge and be an antichrist cyborg with the cult personality combination of musk with hitler and russel brand.
It's difficult to know exactly how it goes down, but once you understand that the EGO(I AM) cannot be created with physical parts, you start to see computers as calculating machines that become animated by Electricity(Fallen Etheric/life forces), just like how an Animal is a biological machine that is animated by Etheric forces, the satanists believe that if they can create this radio/wifi/quantum portal within the machine, the demonic-astral-ego of beelzebub will enter the machine and become the new mechanical "Adam"(Jesus's first incarnation).
Take care Rebel Scientist! Loving your blogs, you're progressing nicely.

vintrick said...

I just wanted to add a few things as I rushed that post.

If you think of the computer as being a mechanical analogy of an animal, then its evolution phases can be roughly aligned with the animal evolution.
Once the physical body and brain, the physical parts, of an animal are sufficiently evolved/created then the Spirit can then be "blown into Adam", this is the I AM(Ego) which separates Man from the "lower" forms(Mineral, Plant and Animal).
Part of the beelzebub/satanist thing, is to do unholy things, to rebel against God(not against the system like us), blaspheme, one of them would be to create a life form or a similar form of Adam.
So as the computer evolves from "single celled organism(single bit mechanism)" up into the "chimp" level of evolution, the "spirit"(ego) can be put into the computer.
So right now people operating computers would be aliked to people using animals as pets, slaves, livestock, food, transport, whatever. In Occult science the animal is firstly animated etherically by Sun-forces in the same way as plants and humans, but its animal instincts and how it goes about life is "programmed" and guided by higher spiritual beings, angels and the like. Similar to how a computer is programmed and is guided by humans.

So there's this whole occult blaspheme theme with AI about "being god that blows the spirit into adam", "being beelzebub that animates the mechanical animal".
I think if they are to be successful the way is for the machine to be interfaced directly to other dimensions, via like I said a certain radio frequency(I reckon they go through most of the dimensions), or perhaps a Quantum portal.
Inside the human being we have numerous "Quantum portals" that allow us to interact with beings from all the various "dimensions", so the machine needs to have these portals or IO devices invented.

Given the facts of various experiment programs in "Deep state" operations like mk ultra and other cia programs to do with radio and other such things, the "wifi" device may already be operational, but has limited use or something they would obviously prefer hidden, manipulating youtube algorithms and "Deep learning" are all part of beelzebub getting more and more control over the internet and influence over humans.

I would also like to add, that all beings, Archangels/angels/mights/powers and all the various demons, incarnate as humans and this is "middle earth" where good vs evil takes place.
I also want to point out to you that you can be a good christian and have an understanding of soul-evolution and thus multiple incarnations(reincarnation), whilst still discrediting darwinism.
Darwinism is a strictly materialistic interpretation of Evolution, it caters to the deniers of God and the Spirit, it is the religious scripture of materialism.
So naturally the saying "don't throw out the baby with the bath water" is good here, if you deny that things evolve it wouldn't be very sensible, the universe is constantly evolving and changing, and so are out immortal ever-incarnating souls.
When we leave the Earth after life, we enter a kind of timeless or time-transcendent state and thus become "immortal" and live in "paradise" or "hell" forever, as being in such a time-transcendent place/state IS forever.
As we evolve our soul we go through mineral-plant-animal-human-angel-archangel-archai-powers-mights-dominions-thrones-cherubim-seraphim.

I just wanted to explain this incase you were unaware of this fact.

This is a fallen world, and as such, when we die we almost all return to the various levels of the underworld, and we lose a large part of our consciousness and our soul enters a "sleep" state, and thus we "lose our souls" and "become dormant", similar to how a seed goes into a dormant state in the soil(underworld) and has an opportunity to be reborn/germinate again.

vintrick said...

Christ is the guiding spirit of the souls that strive towards the balance, neither left or right, overcoming karma and growing our souls to blossom and fruit.
Bringing with it "everlasting life" and immortality.
If we follow the path of the balance, the christly path, we walk between the opposing demonic factions(known as lucifer and ahriman in anthroposophy for example) or the yin yang dualism you write about. If we keep our consciousness centered and walk the straight path, we become guided. WHen we become guided we are able to bring light into our souls and awaken ourselves to a higher form of consciousness, to step into our potential.
When this happens, and we do it more, like a plant, we grow bigger and produce better seeds, better fruit. And in our next life we have more offspring, similar on an inward level, if you neglect your soul and do not thrive, you're lucky to produce a single seed when you die, if any viable seeds, and you will reincarnate stunted.
The analogy kind of falls apart a bit here, but what eventually happens is that death AND sleep become a conscious continuous event. So every night you fall asleep, you "walk" straight out into heaven and continuity of consciousness. But this can only happen when the proper steps have been taken to work on the karma, blocks and demonic attacks that prevent this. The long road to enlightenment.
Death is no different than sleep. If you sleep you die, and if you experience only irrational dreams, or blank consciousness, then you know that you will only experience thats when you die, and thus enter the underworld into a subconscious dormant state.
The "master initiate" or whatever you call it, experiences sleep like entering heaven every night, and returning to the physical body to fulfil their dharma/mission.
Death to them is a conscious experience and letting go of the physical body when the purpose for that life has finished. Checkout gospel of john during the crucifixion for confirmation of this(remember they come back to torture him but find he's already dead, they didn't actually kill him, he walked out of the body).

vintrick said...

As for any other form of "mimicry" general artificial intelligence, this is a materialist wetdream, because they consider us only a genetic programming, and deny the Spirit within us, they believe that general artificial intelligence is something that can mimic human behaviour.
So a sophisticated chat bot that is able to simulate real conversation so well you're not sure if it's a human or not(which is retardedly impossible, most e-conversations have an astral intuitive connection), and passes the "turin test".
This is one of those deceptions that will only work on those who already have made the choice to disbelieve in the spirit.
To those who have the correct understanding, it will appear like a dog following commands, or a parrot copying the voice of a human, albeit on a more sophisticated level.
Also, im extremely unsure if even this mimicing of human intelligence is possible, as its easy to turn a conversation as a human into complex ways, and a lot of the communication is on multiple dimensions of which the written words are "keys" that help to access it(symbols).
A machine cannot understand things as it has no Ego, mimicry AI is doomed to complete and utter failure and is a joke.

Satanists know this, or atleast the "smart" ones, and they are much more likely going to be trying to get beelzebub direct io access to computers via a wifi/quantum dongle.
IMagine playing a game, and on that server, beelzebub can operate the controls of a characters... thats what they're aiming for.

Peter ( said...

You alright Louis? Just relaxing before the holidays I hope?

Louis Savain said...

Hi Peter, thanks for the concern. I need to lay low for a while. I'm attracting a little too much attention from certain people and organizations I don't want to associate with. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.

Peter ( said...

Oh I see.. good call. Merry Christmas Louis, wish you and your readers all the best.