Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Confession and an Apology

I am Paranoid

I am sitting on a scientific treasure that could turn the world into a paradise but it could also be used by evil powers to turn it into hell. So I worry. I am deathly afraid that this knowledge will come out before its time. I'm afraid that someone or some organization with dishonest intentions might duplicate what I have done and figure out what I have figured out. This would be a disaster for which I would not forgive myself. This is why I only give out partial information about my research. Recently though, my paranoia got the better of me. I decided to put out erroneous information in order to mislead certain evil entities that I know are out there. It was a trick to send them on the wrong track. I realize it's not an excuse. Please accept my apology and rest assured that it is not my intention to deceive the believers who are sincerely searching for a sign.

Sequence Memory

Last September, I published an article (Fast Unsupervised Sequence Learning Using Spike Timing) on sequence learning in the brain. The article is correct except for the section titled "Sequence Memory." I purposely copied and pasted an excerpt from an old document that I wrote years ago. I had since completely changed my mind after revising my earlier interpretation of the occult texts but I decided not to publish the revision. I have had to retrace my steps on many occasions during my research over the years. While I cannot publish my complete findings at this time, I can say that the organization of sequence memory is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It learns fast, it is simple, powerful and it solves some of the toughest AI problems such as acquiring a common sense understanding of the world and the cocktail party effect.

All the best and happy new year to all.

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It's OK Louis, we understand. Take care and happy new years eve!