Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Yoshua Bengio Is a Backpropagation Crackpot

Backpropagation in the Brain?

Yoshua Bengio gives an entire presentation (YouTube) in which he defends the hypothesis that backpropagation, the learning method used in deep neural networks, is also used by the brain. This is truly embarrassing, especially since he makes multiple references to deep learning luminary Geoffrey Hinton who just recently admitted that we should abandon backpropagation and start over.

Oh, the humanity! Oh, the mainstream crackpottery! And remember. These are people who get paid millions of dollars to know better.

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1 comment:

Alexander Buianov said...

Looks like they now have comfortable two room blind alley. They walking hither and thither from deep learnig to abstract logic neural network.

"And the problem is... how could it possiably be implemented by brain."
lol, facepalm. First you make math algorithm for image classification. Then you trying to find out how could it possiably be inmplemented by brain...