Monday, October 16, 2017

The Gravitational Wave Fraudsters Strike Again

The Speed of Gravity Scam

Today, the LIGO scammers announced that they have detected the first gravitational waves from the collision of two neutron stars that occurred 130 million years ago. They are pushing it as a big event in astronomy because this is the first time, they claim, that a gravitational wave detection was accompanied by the observation of light by both space and land-based observatories. A weaker gravitational wave was also detected by another interferometer in Italy called VIRGO. Although none of these experiments are designed to falsify the gravitational wave prediction, as good science would dictate, the dual detection would corroborate (not prove) the Einsteinian prediction that gravity propagates at the speed of light. The problem with this pseudoscientific prediction is that the planets and the galaxies behave as if gravity was instantaneous, just as Newton assumed. Why is it pseudoscientific? Only because the speed of gravity cannot be measured: the Einsteinian results are identical to the Newtonian results. This much was acknowledged by one of their own, relativity physicist Steven Carlip (see links below). In other words, we are swimming in an ocean of super expensive pseudoscience.

The Dual Detection and Triangulation Scam

But how do they know that both the EM signals and the so-called "gravitational wave" signals originated from the same collision? They don't, of course. They are lying through their teeth. They assume that both the LIGO and VIRGO signals were from the same collision and they use this assumption to calculate the part of the sky where the collision would have occurred if the assumption was true. Here is how Jennifer Chu of MIT news put it (emphasis added):
Though the LIGO detectors first picked up the gravitational wave in the United States, Virgo, in Italy, played a key role in the story. Due to its orientation with respect to the source at the time of detection, Virgo recovered a small signal; combined with the signal sizes and timing in the LIGO detectors, this allowed scientists to precisely triangulate the position in the sky. After performing a thorough vetting to make sure the signals were not an artifact of instrumentation, scientists concluded that a gravitational wave came from a relatively small patch in the southern sky.
Once they get a fix, they can look to see if light telescopes made an observation in the same area. It is pure luck. If there was no EM signal, they would ascribe the supposed collision to small black holes instead. This is not science. This is full blown crackpottery and scientific fraud to the tune of billions of dollars of our money.

We Must Put a Stop to the Lies and the Thievery of Big Science

This crap has been going on for many decades. We, the people are paying for this and we must rise up and put a stop to it. The fraudsters must be debunked and made to recant their fraudulent claims. But even if the people are currently helpless to do something about it, there is no doubt in my mind that justice will prevail soon, sooner than most suspect.

PS. I corrected a mistake in the article that Andreas brought to my attention.

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Andreas said...

Before you continue in this line of thought, perhaps you should re-read the press release. The LIGO detectors in the US and the VIRGO detector in Italy all detected the gravitational waves. This is not new. What's new is that they could triangulate the approximate volume of space where the event took place, which was subsequently verified by optical telescopes in South America.

Just this once it may very well be dumb luck, but if the LIGO-VIRGO detectors can tell optical telescopes where to find these events repeatedly, it will become increasingly difficult to claim gravitational wave astronomy is a scam.

Let's wait and see!

Louis Savain said...


Thanks for the comment. In my hurry to write the article, I mistakenly wrote that the VIRGO detector detected light instead of gravitational waves. The light was, of course, detected by other observatories. I will correct the article because it does not change my arguments.

I still stand by my claim that gravitational waves are BS. Gravity is governed by an inverse square law (used by both Newtonian physics and GR). That is to say, the gravitational field around a hypothetical point mass is symmetrical. This is what is observed but this breaks the Einsteinian prediction because the field should not be symmetrical if gravity travelled at the speed of light. It GR was correct, the field would be flattened at the front of a moving body and elongated at the rear. This is not observed.

Louis Savain said...

We must not forget that physicists have no clue as to what causes gravity. All the nonsense about massive bodies causing spacetime to curve is just that, nonsense. Spacetime is a mythical block universe that does not exist. Nothing can move in it. It is a frozen figment of Einstein's imagination. It's pure BS.

In fact, their theories (both Newtonian gravity and GR) have been falsified because they predict a lot more matter in the universe than can be accounted for. So, instead of accepting falsification, they conjure up a mythical substance called dark matter.

The crackpottery in physics is out of control.

tahir ansari said...

nice blog on VIRGO detector