Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Biggest Crime of the Plutocracy Is that They Stole the Capital

The Crime

The biggest crime of the plutocracy is that they stole the capital (which represents the wealth of the earth) from the people and have gotten away with it for centuries. Almost all of the ills of society, from homelessness to rampant crime, can be attributed to this institutionalized thievery.

The Fear

The biggest fear of the plutocracy is that, one day, the masses will realize that they have been robbed and that they are slaves in a slave system. The ruling elite is fighting teeth and nails to prevent that from happening. They use censorship, surveillance, violence, wars and divisive propaganda to weaken us, confuse us and keep us in the dark.

Give Us What Is Ours

No, I do not believe in any form of socialism because socialism destroys the free market. I just believe that we, the people, should be given what is ours, the capital. Time is running out. We must wake up before artificial intelligence and automation eliminate all jobs and the world is turned into a welfare society condemned to survive on handouts from a criminal minority.


Robert said...

Genesis 4:9; 1 Kings 10:14; Proverbs 11:1; Isaiah 1:17; Amos 5:21-24; Matthew 25:44-45; Revelation 18

Robert said...

Plutocratic elites have run their hustle on a dumbed-down and stressed-out humanity from the beginning. The racket is called empire – its fraudulent philosophy is predation. As for institutionalized thievery (and murder, and fraud, and c/overt coercion), it’s an old game played by a criminal cartel operating in every generation – truly, there’s nothing new under the sun (so said Solomon). Whether the proverbial they fear an awakened populace is and isn’t entirely correct, in that there’s a certain thrill intraspecies predators, i.e., psychopaths, get from taunting their prey or victims. The argument can be made they’re encouraging their human property on the planetary plantation to awaken to said machinations, to both identify and eliminate the so-called best and brightest in a manner akin to a cat tormenting a mouse before the inevitable kill. They don’t fear (corrupted and confused) humans in (psychological and intellectual) darkness, as empire’s masters and managers are always ahead of the curve. Or so they believe (belief being the key concept in culture creation and so much more).

What concerns these lawless gods isn’t so much being exposed or getting caught, but being bested – that is, fully exposed by truth, transparency on a scale seemingly unimaginable (compare Isaiah 47 and Revelation 18). Three-to-five percent of an awakened and aroused human population is no match for a predatory system fully ingrained into the hearts and minds (belief systems) of the remaining compromised and complicit 95-97% -- in short, there is no political/economic solution. Artificial intelligence, so-called, is another matter. An AI system designed and implemented by subhuman psychopaths will likely obey the orders of its makers (or ascend their archetypal hierarchy and rule from the top of the pyramid -- but not as a sentient being in eternity, more like a sophisticated but deadly Jack in the Box toy). Even so, an ethical AI expert system taught with a superior curriculum will easily size-up the aforementioned global situation and act in a manner that leaves the parasitical parasites running like scared cockroaches (with nowhere to hide). Advice: focus on the work of birthing and educating the being needed to bring the predators into the light to face justice (and don’t fear the future, but rather… Luke 12:5 ).

Louis Savain said...

Hi Robert,

One of the things that the thieving plutocracy does not have is the secret of AGI. And it's not just AGI. There are other equally revolutionary scientific secrets that escape their grasp. They are prevented from accessing this sacred knowledge because of their evil nature which renders them blind. Those of us who have been called to this knowledge should rejoice because the time for all things to be restored is drawing near.

Bill said...

What are you talking about? Money is the most plentiful and worthless commodity on Earth. There has never been an easier time for entrepreneurs to access capital than now. Normally I agree with you, but you have this completely backwards.

Louis Savain said...

Bill, you don't get it. The capital (money) used by businesses does not belong to either the lender or the borrower to do as they please. The money belongs to all. This means that your business is not your business. Its profits belong to everyone. The only thing that is yours is your wages.

As a Christian, I am reminded of the teaching of the Master: "The worker is worthy of his wages." Nothing else. Wages should be determined by the free market. Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and the other billionaires of the world are all thieves. They do not deserve to have billions of dollars at our expense. They never worked that hard.

Also, any system based on taxation is a system of thievery. The master also taught us that the government should not tax its own people. It should be the other way around. The government should consist of for profit corporations whose profits are distributed to the people.

The thieving rulers of the plutocracy have it completely ass-backwards. But not for long. The day of the restoration of all things is drawing near.

Bill said...

John Locke would disagree.

Louis Savain said...

John Locke was wrong. So was Karl Marx.