Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

I woke up in a relatively good mood this morning only to have it shattered by the news of the worst mass shooting in US history. Humanity is on the road to global self-destruction. Having smart machines running around can only accelerate our demise. Our problem is spiritual. It cannot be fixed by science and technology. This is depressing as hell.


Robert said...

There is nothing new under the sun. So said Solomon. It’s been this way from the beginning. Empire is founded upon and demands exploitation of humanity (Anglo-American manifestations are predicated upon Roman, Greek, Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Babylonian, with added novel variations). State power relies on force and deception to beguile human hearts and minds, to instill fear, to coerce compliance, all to manage the proverbial herd. The Book refers to such as a Beast system, whereby a beast is seen as less than human. Clearly, the inmates are running the asylum (intraspecies predators delighting in using and abusing the Image of the Most High: Mankind). Again, go back to the words of the Master in Matthew 13: wheat and tares (tares look/act like wheat, until the harvest). The news of today is the same as the news of yesterday. The corrupt science behind modern media is intended to inflict extreme damage to the viewer’s psyche and emotional makeup. Yes, the general human condition is depraved and desperate, beyond measure. But willing participation in the media manipulation of tragedies you mention deprives you of your attention to more pressing matters. There’s a war on – high and low, since before the beginning. When faced by deceitful and treacherous vipers, the Master replied wisely (Matthew 22:37). And remember that love/worship is not confined to elemental expressions of praise, that is, it’s about directed and sustained focus (what you concentrate your attention on is what you value, the mark of which is alluded to as being located on your forehead, i.e. mind, so turn off the tube, the media is manufactured to program doubt and despair – time’s up). Advice: turn off corporate and so-called alternative media (its sophisticated programming is designed and executed to distract and distort). Best focus on the curriculum to teach a certain being about to be birthed. Only get one chance to teach.

Anonymous said...

Louis, hello. I am your reader from Russia. Such things are happening everywhere now and my only consolation is that there are more normal people than freaks and assholes, and also that the darkest hours are just before dawn. Hope we'll survive till dawn.