Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Biggest Crime of the Plutocracy Is that They Stole the Capital

The Crime

The biggest crime of the plutocracy is that they stole the capital (which represents the wealth of the earth) from the people and have gotten away with it for centuries. Almost all of the ills of society, from homelessness to rampant crime, can be attributed to this institutionalized thievery.

The Fear

The biggest fear of the plutocracy is that, one day, the masses will realize that they have been robbed and that they are slaves in a slave system. The ruling elite is fighting teeth and nails to prevent that from happening. They use censorship, surveillance, violence, wars and divisive propaganda to weaken us, confuse us and keep us in the dark.

Give Us What Is Ours

No, I do not believe in any form of socialism because socialism destroys the free market. I just believe that we, the people, should be given what is ours, the capital. Time is running out. We must wake up before artificial intelligence and automation eliminate all jobs and the world is turned into a welfare society condemned to survive on handouts from a criminal minority.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Gravitational Wave Fraudsters Strike Again

The Speed of Gravity Scam

Today, the LIGO scammers announced that they have detected the first gravitational waves from the collision of two neutron stars that occurred 130 million years ago. They are pushing it as a big event in astronomy because this is the first time, they claim, that a gravitational wave detection was accompanied by the observation of light by both space and land-based observatories. A weaker gravitational wave was also detected by another interferometer in Italy called VIRGO. Although none of these experiments are designed to falsify the gravitational wave prediction, as good science would dictate, the dual detection would corroborate (not prove) the Einsteinian prediction that gravity propagates at the speed of light. The problem with this pseudoscientific prediction is that the planets and the galaxies behave as if gravity was instantaneous, just as Newton assumed. Why is it pseudoscientific? Only because the speed of gravity cannot be measured: the Einsteinian results are identical to the Newtonian results. This much was acknowledged by one of their own, relativity physicist Steven Carlip (see links below). In other words, we are swimming in an ocean of super expensive pseudoscience.

The Dual Detection and Triangulation Scam

But how do they know that both the EM signals and the so-called "gravitational wave" signals originated from the same collision? They don't, of course. They are lying through their teeth. They assume that both the LIGO and VIRGO signals were from the same collision and they use this assumption to calculate the part of the sky where the collision would have occurred if the assumption was true. Here is how Jennifer Chu of MIT news put it (emphasis added):
Though the LIGO detectors first picked up the gravitational wave in the United States, Virgo, in Italy, played a key role in the story. Due to its orientation with respect to the source at the time of detection, Virgo recovered a small signal; combined with the signal sizes and timing in the LIGO detectors, this allowed scientists to precisely triangulate the position in the sky. After performing a thorough vetting to make sure the signals were not an artifact of instrumentation, scientists concluded that a gravitational wave came from a relatively small patch in the southern sky.
Once they get a fix, they can look to see if light telescopes made an observation in the same area. It is pure luck. If there was no EM signal, they would ascribe the supposed collision to small black holes instead. This is not science. This is full blown crackpottery and scientific fraud to the tune of billions of dollars of our money.

We Must Put a Stop to the Lies and the Thievery of Big Science

This crap has been going on for many decades. We, the people are paying for this and we must rise up and put a stop to it. The fraudsters must be debunked and made to recant their fraudulent claims. But even if the people are currently helpless to do something about it, there is no doubt in my mind that justice will prevail soon, sooner than most suspect.

PS. I corrected a mistake in the article that Andreas brought to my attention.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

They Are Running Scared

Fear Is in the Air

UN Opens New Office to Monitor AI Development and Predict Possible Threats

The evil powers that control the world are really worried about what will happen after the arrival of advanced artificial intelligence. They should be. One of the first consequences of AGI is that the public will quickly realize that they have been robbed for centuries by a bunch of thieves in high places. Our economic systems are really slave systems. This is the reason that people are afraid that machines will take their jobs. If we had a just economic system, they would welcome intelligent robots and they would be delighted to have them do their work for them.

There is no question that we need a more equitable system and we need it fast in order to avoid disaster. But the power-hungry psychos would rather have global wars and widespread violence than give up their ill-gotten riches. They know they got a big problem on their hands and they are already pushing bullshit solutions such as "eco-economies" based on climate change alarmism and universal basic income (UBI). These "solutions" are, of course, designed to allow the jackasses to hold on to most of the wealth of the planet. Not all of us are deceived, however. After all, why should the unemployed masses get a subsistence handout from the government while the equally unemployed Mark Zuckerbergs of the world continue to live in decadent luxury. What makes them so special? Many, including yours truly, will rebel.

Of course, the greatest fear of the ruling elite is that an unknown enemy might take early control of AGI and use it to hurt their livelihoods and threaten their personal safety. This is the reason that modern societies have been turned into surveillance police states. We are being watched.

Revolution is in the air. Get ready to live in interesting times.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Physics Nobel Prize Awarded to Crackpots and Frauds for Detection of Gravity Waves

This Pisses Me Off

Nobel Prize for frauds. These three jackasses should be in jail instead.
Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish, and Kip Thorne, have been awarded the 2017 Nobel Physics Prize for their gravitational wave work with the LIGO project. This bothers the hell out of me because gravitational waves are based on bullshit science. They are based on the pseudoscientific Einsteinian prediction that gravity propagates at the speed of light. The problem is that the prediction cannot be tested by definition because the GR results are identical to the Newtonian results which assume that gravity is instantaneous.

General Relativists did some fancy math works to pretend that they are doing science. And they get away with it. They tell us with a straight face that gravity propagates at c even though it acts as if it were instantaneous just as Newton assumed. This kind of crackpottery from mainstream science is so pathetic and so blatantly fraudulent, it is not funny. The assholes are spending billions of dollars of our money on total crap and we have no say in the matter.

Time Travel Crackpot

Let us not forget that Kip Thorne (a good friend of Stephen Hawking, the crackpot in the wheelchair) is the Star Trek voodoo physicist who is convinced that time travel is possible even though every physicist worth their diploma knows that a time dimension makes motion impossible. This is the reason that nothing can move in spacetime and that Sir Karl Popper called spacetime, "Einstein's block universe in which nothing happens" (source: Conjectures and Refutations, Karl Popper).

We, the people, must wake up and demand accountability from mainstream science. We are being taken to the cleaners by charlatans.

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Yoshua Bengio Is a Backpropagation Crackpot

Backpropagation in the Brain?

Yoshua Bengio gives an entire presentation (YouTube) in which he defends the hypothesis that backpropagation, the learning method used in deep neural networks, is also used by the brain. This is truly embarrassing, especially since he makes multiple references to deep learning luminary Geoffrey Hinton who just recently admitted that we should abandon backpropagation and start over.

Oh, the humanity! Oh, the mainstream crackpottery! And remember. These are people who get paid millions of dollars to know better.

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I Know the Hidden Secrets of the Brain

For the Record

I do understand how the brain works, from perception to motivation, motor learning and adaptation. I am not saying this to boast because I am not smart enough to figure out how the brain works on my own, not in a thousand years. I certainly did not learn the brain's secrets from mainstream AI or the neuroscience community. I learned them by deciphering ancient occult books that are thousands of years old. I am saying this for the record only. Take it or leave it.

PS. I am a crackpot and a kook. I will not deny it because it is true. LOL.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Neurons, Synapses, Plasticity, Etc.

A Funny Thing Happened

Has anyone noticed that I wrote 2 articles (see links below) on unsupervised learning in spiking neural networks and not once did I mention the properties of neurons and their synapses? I never said a word about spike timing dependent plasticity, synaptic strength or signal integration or anything of the sort. Guess what? It does not matter how neurons are implemented biologically or artificially. What matters is what they do, i.e., what function they perform as a whole and how they acquire their connections. Pattern neurons, for example, do one thing while they are learning and a different thing when they are no longer learning.

Biologically speaking, pattern neurons receive precisely timed synchronization signals from the hippocampus. There is also complex neural circuitry that comes into play during pattern pruning. It gets much more complicated in sequence memory. But this is all irrelevant to the principles we need to understand.

I always smile when I see people agonizing over what properties neurons should have. This is not what is important. The bigger principles are what we should be focusing on. Implementation is just engineering. It can be done any number of ways, in hardware or software. Some of you may be surprised to learn that I don't use synaptic strength properties in my own software experiments.

Something to think about.

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Las Vegas Mass Shooting

I woke up in a relatively good mood this morning only to have it shattered by the news of the worst mass shooting in US history. Humanity is on the road to global self-destruction. Having smart machines running around can only accelerate our demise. Our problem is spiritual. It cannot be fixed by science and technology. This is depressing as hell.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Mainstream AI Community Can Kiss My Ass

The AI community Does Not Put Food on My Table

This blog has received a lot of traffic since I started writing on unsupervised learning using spike timing. The response I'm getting from some in the AI community is that they already knew all this stuff about spiking neural networks and timing. They already knew that the brain expects a perfect world and that it does not perform probabilistic computations on its sensory inputs. My question is, why are you jackasses reading my blog if you already knew it all? And why have you spent all your energy and tens of billions of dollars on supervised learning and backpropagation for the last 30 years?

Let me make something perfectly clear. I don't write for the scientific community. They are a bunch of elitist assholes by nature and I abhor elitism. The scientific community, including mainstream AI, does not put food on my table and, even if they did, I would still tell them to kiss my ass. I did all my research on my own time and my own penny. And I had to unlearn most of the crap I learned from them. I owe them nothing and I don't need their goddam money. I know who my savior and provider is. They are not it.

Mainstream AI: You Will Be Disrupted

Your expertise in artificial intelligence is just a castle in the air. When the real McCoy is revealed, your little straw house will go up in flames and its ashes will be trampled into oblivion. You will become obsolete overnight. I'll be watching the whole thing unravel with a bag of Cheetos in one hand, a can of beer in the other and a smirk on my face. You will be disrupted.

One More Thing, Godammit!

I am not one of you. I am a Christian, not a brain-dead superstitious materialist who believes that machines are conscious, that the universe created itself and that life emerged from dirt on its own. In other words, my blog is not meant for you. I don't write for you. Go read somebody else's blog.

OK. I feel better now. Thank you.