Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Occult Physics Will Blow Your Mind


According to ancient occult physics, the electron is not elementary but consists of four subparticles. We exist in an immense 4-dimensional sea of energy arranged like a crystal lattice. This means unlimited clean energy, free for the taking once we learn how to tap into the lattice. The entire history of the universe is being recorded in the lattice. Ancient megalithic societies may have used this knowledge to transport huge quarried stones weighing 1000 tons or more. This is the first in a series of articles that I am writing on occult physics. I cannot promise that I will ever publish them all but, if or when I do, I can guarantee that they will blow everyone's mind.

Sacred Scientific Knowledge Hidden in Plain Sight

Many years ago, I stumbled on an amazing discovery. It occurred to me that a few ancient occult texts contained revolutionary scientific secrets about the fundamental principles of the physical universe. The secrets can be found in the books of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation. They are written in an obscure metaphorical language that sounds nothing like science. However, once one understands the meaning of some of the metaphors, things begin to fall into place. At one point in my research, I became frightened and stopped thinking about it for a long time. I had concluded that the potential harm to humanity that this knowledge could unleash if it fell in the wrong hands was just too great.
Assyrian Lamassu or Human-Headed Winged Bull - Southern Iraq
Most ancient societies recorded their sacred wisdom in precisely chosen metaphors that only the initiates understood. The Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians thought that certain occult sciences were so powerful that they erected huge symbolic stone monuments to preserve them for posterity while keeping their true meaning hidden from the masses.
Two Human-Headed Winged Bulls - Iran
Although the Biblical symbols are not identical to the ones found in Mesopotamia, the many similarities are striking. Both use images of wings, discs (wheels), bulls, lions, eagles, hands, feet and faces to symbolize various aspects of the sacred knowledge.

Sumerian Anunnaki Winged God and Disc
For whatever reason, historians and archaeologists love to associate ancient occult symbology with mythology and religious superstition but they could not be more wrong. It is almost as if some hidden power is hellbent on preventing mankind from learning about their glorious past. None other than Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics, was convinced that there was secret knowledge encrypted in the Bible and in other ancient mythological writings. (Sources: What Was Isaac Newton's Occult Research All About? and Top 10 Crazy Secrets of Isaac Newton).

In my opinion, the Biblical seraphim and cherubim are occult descriptions of fundamental particles of matter and their properties (Sir Isaac would have jumped for joy if he had known about this). I believe this knowledge was known to ancient megalithic societies in Mesopotamia, Egypt, South America and elsewhere because it was the basis of the technology that they used to lift and transport huge cut stones weighing 1000 tons or more. I believe that a mastery of this knowledge will unleash an era of free unlimited clean energy and super fast transportation.

Stone of the Pregnant Woman - Baalbek, Lebanon
What follows is a short summary of the strange "living creatures" mentioned in the Bible and my interpretations. Note: I will not go into what I believe to be potentially dangerous aspects of this research.

Seraphim - Photons

Seraphim (singular, seraph) is a plural hebrew word that means the shining or burning ones. They are mentioned in the books of Revelation and Isaiah. They symbolize pure energetic particles and their properties. I have identified them as photons. There are 4 types of seraphim and each one has a different face property: man, lion, bull or eagle. One of the seraphim (the one with the bull's face) is responsible for electric phenomena and the other three for magnetic phenomena. The face of each seraph is associated with one of the 4 spatial dimensions (degree of freedom) of the cosmos. Each face has 2 possible states or orientations, forward or backward. It is more or less equivalent to what quantum physicists call the "spin angular momentum" of a particle, except that there really is no spin.

In all, the seraphim can have 8 possible orientations or spin states, 2 for each face. Two of the orientations, the ones associated with the face of a bull, determine whether or not the particle is involved with a positive or negative electric field. The other 6 states are responsible for magnetic phenomena.

Every seraph has energy properties which are symbolized by 6 wings. Unlike cherubim (explanation below), seraphim have no bodies or mass. Two of the wings of a seraph are used for motion, two are associated with its face and two with its feet. Yes, all matter particles have a property called feet (bull or calf hooves) which allow them to move in one direction of the 4th dimension at the speed of light. Wings, feet and hands are powerful metaphors the meaning of which I cannot expand on at this time. I will explain them further in future articles.

The Sea of Crystal - Zero-Point Energy

The most amazing thing about seraphim is that they are the constituents of an enormous 4-dimensional "sea of crystal" or "sea of glass" in which the normal matter of the universe exists and moves. It is a sea of wall-to-wall energetic particles (photons), lots of it, arranged as a stationary 4-dimensional lattice. We are totally immersed in it like fish in water and nothing could move without it. In fact, the entire visible universe is continually moving in the lattice in one dimension (bull) at the speed of light. As matter moves in the lattice, it leaves traces in it. In other words, the entire history of the universe is continually being recorded in the lattice down to the minutest details. Ancient Hindu and Buddhist societies were aware of this recording medium which was called the Akasha. Modern theosophists call it the Akashic records.

The closest analog to the lattice in modern physics is the so-called zero-point energy field that physicists believe permeates space but have no idea what it is made of or what its purpose is. Physicist Richard Feynman is reported to have said that "there is enough energy inside the space in an empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world." Gravitational, electric and magnetic phenomena are caused by the motion of matter in the lattice. Again, one day soon, in the not too distant future, society will learn how to tap into the lattice for unlimited clean energy production and super fast transportation. Current forms of transportation and energy production will become obsolete.

Cherubim - Quarter Electrons

Cherubim (singular, cherub) are symbolic winged creatures that modern theologians wrongly associate with angelic beings that fly around and do God's will. The Hebrew word cherubim is derived from the Assyrian term chiribu or kirubi which was the mystical name given to the representation of a winged bull or lion with a man's head. Various types of cherubim are mentioned in the Bible but my research is concerned strictly with the 4 cherubim (living creatures) in chapters 1 and 10 of the Book of Ezekiel. In chapter 10, verse 14, Ezekiel clearly equates the Hebrew word cherub with the face of a bull. He said nothing about angels.

Each living creature or cherub has 4 faces and 4 wings. Each also has a human body, 4 human hands and the feet of a bull. Having 4 faces means that a cherub has both electric and magnetic properties. All four cherubim move together in unison without turning, in any of the 4 dimensions.

My interpretation will come as a surprise. In my view, the cherubim are the 4 particles that comprise the electron or the positron. Yes, the electron is not an elementary particle as the Standard Model of particle physics would have us believe. Each cherub has 1/4 the charge of the electron. But this is not as surprising as it sounds. Physicists have known for some time that the electron is not truly elementary but they are a conservative and highly political bunch. Rather than come out and acknowledge the composite nature of the electron, they have taken to calling its constituent particles, quasiparticles instead. They also use the term quarter electron when they are feeling more liberal.

The 4 human hands of a cherub are special properties that confine them to stay and move together as one particle: they hold onto each other. The body of a cherub is a special kind of energy that physicists call mass. Each cherub also has a wheel or disc associated with it. The 4 wheels act as one wheel and move precisely with the 4 cherubim. In my interpretation, the wheel represents the electric field of the electron.

Coming Soon

In future blog articles, I will explain how particles move in the lattice and how the electric field of a charged particle works.

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Miller H. said...

I'm not sure if you're a TimeCube style crazy person or not. But this was a good read. Thanks.

How do you propose that occult thinkers came to these conclusions and illustrated them this way?

Louis Savain said...

Miller H.

I'm not sure if you're a TimeCube style crazy person or not. But this was a good read. Thanks.

You are welcome. I could certainly be a TimeCube style crazy person. You decide.

How do you propose that occult thinkers came to these conclusions and illustrated them this way?

It was given to them by their Gods (Elohim). There is no way that humans could have figured the meanings of these things on their own. Egypt and the kingdoms of Mesopotamia had their Gods and so did the kingdom of Israel. Regardless of what you may have heard, Yahweh consists many Gods acting as One. There were powerful alien entities among us in ancient times and we used to worship them as Gods. Some were good and some others were evil.

Some writers, e.g., Ezekiel, Isaiah and John (the author of the book of Revelation), had no understanding of the metaphors they were told to write down. So, it seems that the knowledge of the living creatures was meant for our age.

Robert said...

Genesis 1:2; Exodus 20:21; Deuteronomy 5:22; I Kings 8:12; Psalm 97:2; I Timothy 6:16; I John 1:5; Revelation 21:23

Annette Lane said...

Why do you think the sphinx was built at the Giza plateau? I've read that the pyramids were power generators of some sort. The lion body with human head would corroborate your theory of cherabim. Thank you, I am new to the site and looks like there are some interesting articles.

Louis Savain said...

Hi Annette,

Based on my research, I determined that there are four axes in the universe that represent the four dimensions of space. The lion (sphinx) represents one of them, the east-west axis on earth. IMO, the original sphinx had a lion's head which was later carved into a pharaoh's head when the Egyptians came to that region. The other axes are represented by faces of a bull, an eagle and a man. These are extremely important to the science and this is why the great pyramid is aligned precisely to the geographic north pole. For some unknown reason, the earth's rotational axis is aligned with one of the axes.

I'm still researching this topic. There is a lot of stuff in the book of Ezekiel about it.

Annette Lane said...

Thanks Louis, I will continue to read articles on your site to learn more about this. What do you think about the theory that the pyramids were used as wireless power generators? Tesla had a similar idea but was rejected because it meant free power for each home.

Zebulan said...

I think I've read all your blog posts on your lattice hypothesis, and lately I've been trying to piece it all together and get a good grasp of it in my head. It's interesting to see how your thinking has changed over time. (e.g. thinking the eagle dimension was the electricity/4th dimension, but later realizing it was the bull dimension because of the feet; thinking the 6 seraph wings corresponded to the 6 directions in visible space, but later realizing that only 2 wings were used for non-bull movement, and that bonding via hands was needed to allow particles to move through all 3 visible dimensions.)

I'm guessing the wings are somehow indicative of the possible energy states of the other properties of the particles?

Seraphim have 2 wings covering their feet, and can either be moving through the bull dimension or at rest. Cherubim have feet, but are always moving through the bull dimension. Is that why they don't have any wings covering their feet?

Additionally, a seraph has 2 wings covering its face, and according to your hypothesis, the face of a seraph has 2 orientations. I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion, but I would guess it was because of those 2 wings.

Notably, a cherub does not have any wings covering its 4 faces. To me this seems to imply that the orientation of the 4 faces of a cherub are unchanging. This could mean 2 different things. Either different cherubim have different fixed orientations for their faces, or cherubim have no concept of face orientation.

Interestingly, a cherub has 2 wings covering its body, which I would assume mean they are related to its mass somehow. One of your earlier blog posts, "Lattice Interactions, Part II", says that the energy of a moving mass particle is transferred from its body to its wings, decreasing its perceived mass.

Of course, like with the concept of all 6 wings of a seraph being used for flight, you may have intentionally used an older form of your hypothesis there because you planned on showing the revised version later and wanted to demonstrate your flow of thought. In that case, it may be that only the 2 wings covering the body are the only ones that energy from the body can move into.

Something I am not sure I entirely understand is how the wings of seraphim and cherubim relate to motion. You have clearly stated both here and in previous posts that seraphim only use 2 wings to fly. In one of your older posts, you state that this limits them to a 2D plane of movement... but wouldn't having 2 wings limit the seraph to a 1D plane? (Not counting the bull dimension.) Unless of course those 2 wings belonged to different dimensions... but that would mean a different restriction of the seraph being unable to move backwards on its 2 degrees of freedom. (It would also be odd for the wings to not be in the same dimension, since wings are typically thought of as being in pairs.)

I would assume that cherubim have the same 2-wings-for-flight restriction as seraphim, though the wording in the scriptures isn't quite as clear to me, and I have been unable to determine your current opinion on the matter. Just to confirm, do you think cherubim act like seraphim in that they can only use 2 wings to fly (no wing pair swapping)?

Louis Savain said...

Hi Zebulan,

My understanding of the metaphors has evolved tremendously since I stopped writing about them. I concluded long ago that this knowledge is too dangerous for humanity. We would destroy ourselves in no time if it came out. All I will add here is that seraphim do use 2 wings to fly but, depending on their overall direction of motion, the wings get swapped periodically in order to maintain a given course in the long run.