Thursday, June 15, 2017

There Is Only One Speed in the Universe, the Speed of Light. Nothing Can Move Faster or Slower

Quantum Jumps at the Speed of Light

The truth about the speed of light will surprise everybody, physicists and laymen alike. There is actually only one speed in the universe and that is the speed of light. Nothing can move faster or slower, period. A particle moves by making quantum jumps at the speed of light interspersed with rest periods. The duration of a rest period is equal to that of a jump. If a particle appears to move at half the speed of light, its motion actually consists of an equal number of jumps and rest periods. At the speed of light, it is all jumps and no rest periods. At ordinary speeds, a moving particle is at rest almost all the time with just a few jumps sprinkled in.

Contrary to the Claims of Relativists, There Is No Time Dimension

Why is there only one speed in the universe? Again, the actual reason will surprise. In spite of all the indoctrination and the incessant relativist propaganda we have been subjected to in the last one hundred years or so, there is no such thing as a time dimension. A time dimension would make motion impossible. Why? The short answer is that moving in time is self-referential. The slightly longer answer is that a change in time implies a velocity in time which would have to be given as v = dt/dt = 1, which is nonsense. This is why nothing can move in Einstein's spacetime and why spacetime is a block universe in which nothing happens. All that time travel through wormholes stuff is crackpottery, of course. But please do not mention this to Star Trek fanatics.

Since there is no time dimension, nature cannot calculate durations. This means that all jump durations are equal to a fundamental duration, which is the interval it takes a particle to move a fundamental distance, a very minute length that some believe is the Planck length. The interval is Planck time.

Nontemporality Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg of Crackpottery in Modern Physics

The non-existence of a time dimension explains other phenomena as well, such as why particle decay is probabilistic. But the crackpottery of spacetime goes much further: there is no space either. There exist only particles, their properties and their interactions. Everything else is either abstract or BS. Physics is a lot more interesting than any of us suspected.

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joe said...

"There is only one speed in the universe, the speed of light". This is absolute drivel.

Some facts...
1. Speed of light is the fastest possible speed in the universe.
2. time is nothing but a number line.
3. the world is composed of objects which exist & move in space - i.e from one position to another

Given these facts you can build whatever theory you fancy but to deny these is pure folly and just shows that any intelligent arguments you wish to make will be viewed with skepticism and ignored.

Efe Ariaroo said...

Umm ... I know I'm not as smart as you. I am confused about something. If there is no time dimension then this speed at which the most elementary of things moves ... how is it measured if there is no time? Or should we redefine our definition of speed.

Louis Savain said...

Hi Efe,

Thanks for the comment. You ask a perfectly sensible question. There is nothing wrong with using time as an abstract parameter to calculate speed. We use abstract quantities all the time to calculate all sorts of things. It does not mean that they are physical entities. A few examples off the top of my heads are the unemployment rate, length, width, volume, ratio, percentage, etc. The important thing to keep in mind is that none of those things are physical entities.