Saturday, June 17, 2017

Relativity Implicitly Assumes Instant Communication at a Distance While Explicitly Forbidding It. Not Even Wrong

Scientists Must be Made Accountable

I made this argument elsewhere but I thought that it was so damaging to mainstream physics and so important to the integrity of science that it deserved its own post. We are being taken to the cleaners by a well paid group of people whose job it is to come up with the best science that money can buy. Instead, they feed us lies after lies and they spend billions and billions of our money in the process. When they are caught in an outrageous lie, they create even more elaborate and expensive lies to cover it up. The billion-dollar LIGO project scam is a case in point. We must demand accountability from our scientists.

Relativist Pseudoscience

Relativity is a local theory. That is to say, it forbids action at a distance. While Newtonian gravity assumes that gravity acts instantaneously at a distance, General Relativists insist that gravity is propagated at the speed of light. The problem is that a finite speed of gravity would result in unstable orbits. It is a big problem indeed. Relativists claim that GR addresses our legitimate concern about the finite speed of gravity. They then go through an amazing exercise in pseudoscience, bad logic and superstition to explain how GR gets around the problem.

They argue that, by some unknown magic, the sun communicates information regarding its velocity relative to the earth and all other bodies in the universe. This information propagates at the speed of light. This way, the other bodies can somehow (more magic) read the information and more or less guess where the sun is even though they receive the information some time after it was sent. Earth receives the information about 8 minutes after emission. Of course, relativists decline to explain how this information is encoded, transmitted and how the other bodies detect it. They just write some equations and voila! That's the magic part. This part of the theory is strangely immune to falsification. Not one experiment is offered to determine the veracity of the hypothesis. They are essentially telling us with a straight face that they somehow know that gravity acts as if it were instantaneous (the Newtonian assumption) even though they know it isn't. This cannot be tested because the results of GR are the same as the Newtonian results. It is pure pseudoscience. But it gets worse, much worse..

Not Even Wrong

It is a laughably self-contradicting argument simply because there is no way that the sun can "know" about its velocity relative to any other body so as to transmit it to any of them. The problem has to do with the word ‘relative’. It is a problem with all observer-centric, relativity-based, local theories because the word ‘relative’ implies instantaneous knowledge between distant bodies even though such knowledge is forbidden by the local nature of the theory: nothing can move faster than the speed of light. So general relativists are breaking their own rule. On the one hand, they are saying that information must travel at or below the speed of light and this is why changes in gravity must travel at the speed of light. On the other hand, they are using instantaneous information to determine the relative velocity between distant bodies. This is not even wrong. And yet, this stinking pile of bullshit is what the ongoing LIGO project is based on. The public is being forced to pay for a scam but the scammers have found a way to remain immune to public scrutiny. This must stop. Someone needs to blow a loud whistle in order to unmask this bullshit.

Malevolent Alien Takeover?

The relativist argument for the finite speed of gravity is so painfully contrived and so wrong on the face of it that I am tempted to conclude that the physics community has been taken over by a malevolent alien entity hellbent on making humans look and act stupid. We fund scientific research with our money. It is ours. We own it. It is time to kick out the charlatans and bullshitters that have taken control of it.

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john driscoll said...

This is why government investment never works. Scientists have had their hands in the public's pockets for decades now and what have they got to show for it? Where's our unlimited free energy? Why aren't we exploring other solar systems? Where's our life extension technology? Why is pollution still a problem? Why aren't we doing all of our manufacturing using nano robots that cost next to nothing? As long as the public remains silent, publicly funded scientists will continue to receive public money. If they get results, they can ask for more money. If they don't get results, they can claim it was because they didn't have enough money to begin with and ask for more, and clueless public officials will happily oblige.

Chris Shaw said...

Dude your a joke the shit you spew with no idea of what your talking about. People like you are what's wrong with this country. Every theory should always be questioned that's the scientific method but only by those with the credentials to do so. People like you, who are somehow more intelligent than Einstein, are why some citizens in this country think the earth is flat and climate change is a hoax. Somehow the millions of scientist in the world all call each other every night and plot to mislead the entire world about general relativity and other theories that they only use to get funding. No physicists constantly try to disprove realativity and the other cornerstones of physics because if they succeed they win a novel prize get paid and go down in history that's how proper science is done. Grow up and quit being a troll or educate yourself to push correct science all your doing now is harm and giving fuel to ridiculous theories.

Louis Savain said...

Chris Shaw,

The way I see it, there are two kinds of people in science, ass kissers and truth seekers. Given that we live in a world of lies, truth seekers are necessarily revolutionaries and rebels. You are an ass kisser.