Saturday, January 7, 2017

Raising Money for AI Research

Smartphone Apps

I refuse to solicit or accept money from anyone to finance my research because I don't want to be indebted to or controlled by others. So I recently came up with a plan to put some of the knowledge I have acquired over the years to good use and do it in a way that does not reveal my hand too much. I am working on two intelligent mobile applications as described below. Let me know if you think they might be useful to you.

1. Crystal Clear Smartphone Conversations

The first app will filter out all background sounds other than the user's voice during a call. It will also repair or clean up the user's voice by filling in missing signals if necessary. Can be activated or deactivated at the touch of a button. Advantage: Crystal clear conversations.

2. Voice-based Security

The second app will use both voice and speech recognition to eliminate passwords. It does this by asking the user to read a random word or phrase. This app can be used for unlocking the phone, accessing accounts, etc. If your voice changes over time or if you want to give someone else access to your accounts, the app can be reset in an instant. Advantage: High security and no need to remember passwords.


Although I think the first app has a better chance of being successful, I believe the second one is also doable. Some in the voice authentication and security business may disagree but the human voice is very much like a fingerprint. Every voice is unique in subtle ways that current technologies may not be able to capture. I use Microsoft Visual Studio and C# exclusively for programming. I will be using the Xamarin cross-platform tools to deploy the apps for the Windows Phone, the iPhone and Android phones. I don't anticipate needing GPU coprocessing.

I will release beta-test versions as soon as they are ready. Given my schedule, I anticipate the first app to be ready in two or three months.

The Ultimate Goal

If any of the apps is successful, I may venture into the hearing aid business. My plan is to generate enough funds to finance an artificial intelligence and computer research and development company. I believe that the requirements of true intelligence call for a new type of computer hardware and a better way to create software. My ultimate goal (or dream) is to build a truly intelligent bipedal robot that can do all your chores around the house such as cleaning, preparing food, babysitting the kids, doing the laundry, gardening, etc. A tall order, I know.


john driscoll said...


Do you think digital video cameras are appropriate for enabling robots to "see" the world? Or do you think some kind of new technology is required? Perhaps something closer in function to the human eye?

Louis Savain said...

Hi John,

It would be nice if video cameras worked like the retina because there can be no real unsupervised visual learning without it. I'm sure a time will come when it will be implemented directly in hardware.

But I don't think it's really important at this time because computers are fast enough that a retina can be simulated in software.

By the way, the same thing can be said about the ears. It would be nice if we had a microphone that used fine hair-like fibers to respond directly to specific audio frequencies. Right now I am forced to use a fast Fourier transform algorithm to convert the sound wave into the frequency domain in my experiments. But the FFT has problems. It's processor intensive and it's not entirely accurate.

Alexander Buianov said...

I thought about what is it I should do if I suddenlty will implement any idea that really works.
The first comes to mind is to launch a series of videoblogs showing the results. The agent "behavior" in a different environment, real one with simple robots, and virtual ones with outsourced virtual worlds. Without reveal my hand too much... as you put it.
Therehow to go upstage, and wait for emissaryes from google and microsoft to show in. Then you can negotiate.
Or go upstage for the general pubic, and run one of these fancy crowdfunding project.
What is wrong with this ways Louis?

btw check the news from GoodAI.
I read the test paper... I hope you will read it and put out all my emotions about their 9 bit input and 8 bit output interface. You are good at it :)