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Physics: The Surprisingly Simple Reason that the Speed of Light Is the Fastest Possible Speed and that Particle Decay Is Probabilistic


In this article, I argue that there is a surprisingly simple explanation for both the speed of light limit and the probabilistic nature of subatomic particle decay. I also argue that the physics community could have understood these principles many decades ago were they not blinded by their strange infatuation with Einstein's spacetime physics.

Physicists Do Not Know Why the Speed of Light is the Fastest Possible Speed

In September 2011, the physics community made complete fools of themselves when a CERN team announced to the world that they had detected neutrinos moving faster than light speed only to be proven wrong a few months later. The question is, if physicists understood why c is the fastest possible speed in the universe, how could they have made such an embarrassing blunder? They obviously have no clue.

There Is Only One Speed in the Universe

The truth about the speed of light will surprise everybody, physicists and laymen alike. There is actually only one speed in the universe and that is the speed of light. Nothing can move faster or slower, period. A particle moves by making quantum jumps at the speed of light interspersed with rest periods. The duration of a rest period is equal to that of a jump. If a particle appears to move at half the speed of light, its motion actually consists of an equal number of jumps and rest periods. At the speed of light, it is all jumps and no rest periods. At ordinary speeds, a moving particle is at rest almost all the time with just a few jumps sprinkled in.

Why is there only one speed in the universe? Again, the actual reason will surprise. In spite of all the indoctrination and the incessant propaganda we have been subjected to in the last one hundred years or so, there is no such thing as a time dimension. A time dimension would make motion impossible. Why? The short answer is that moving in time is self-referential. The slightly longer answer is that a change in time implies a velocity in time which would have to be given as v = dt/dt = 1, which is nonsense. All that time travel stuff is nonsense. Since there is no time dimension, nature cannot calculate durations. This means that all jump durations are equal to a fundamental duration, which is the interval it takes a particle to move a fundamental distance, a very minute length that some believe is the Planck length.

Physicists Don't Know Why Particle Decay Is Probabilistic

Physicists have known for a long time that most subatomic particles have a limited life. Sooner or later, they decay into other particles. But something strange happens during particle decay. Take the neutron for example. What they discovered is that, although it is impossible to predict exactly when any given neutron will decay, it is possible to predict how long it will take for half of a group of neutrons to decay, about 15 minutes. But which neutrons within the group will decay cannot be known in advance. They are selected randomly. In other words, particle decay is probabilistic. Although physicists are clueless as to why this happens, it did not stop them from conjuring up all sorts of Star Trek voodoo physics such as multiple universes and quantum states that have multiple values simultaneously. My favorite is the one where nothing happens unless there is an observer to observe it. It boggles the mind.

All Interactions Have Equal Durations

The non-existence of a time dimension is also the reason that particle decay is inherently probabilistic. Normally, one would expect the duration of a quantum interaction to depend on the energies involved in the interaction. But since there is no time dimension, nature cannot calculate the exact durations of quantum interactions. In other words, all interactions, regardless of the energies involved, have the exact same fundamental discrete duration, a very minute interval. This is the same interval used by quantum jumps during particle motion.

The problem is that the use of equal durations for all interactions would break energy conservation laws. Nature has no recourse but to use probability to decide when to allow interactions to happen. Nature knows how energetic every type of interaction is. It uses this value to determine, at every discrete instant, the percentage of all similar particles in the entire universe which must undergo decay. It must choose them randomly, otherwise it would result in a lopsided universe. Over the long run, conservation laws are obeyed.

It should be obvious from the above that the universe must be inherently nonlocal. It is a single machine with a single universal and absolute heartbeat. Otherwise conservation laws would not work.

Relativist Objection

The nearest relativist will immediately object. I can almost hear it: "Moving relative to what? "At rest relative to what?" Don't let it intimidate you. Relativists are the most clueless people in the world when it comes to understanding the true nature of motion. They have managed to indoctrinate the entire world with their religion. The doctrine according to which there exist only relative position and motion in the universe is about as braindead as it can get. It is so lame and so easily refuted, it pains me to think about how they have managed to get away with it for so long. Mass delusion, political propaganda and extraordinary peer pressure are the only explanations I can think of.

The relativist objection fails right out of the gate because any system where everything is relative to everything else is obviously a self-referential system. That's it! This is the refutation. There is no need to go further. The truth is that, at the fundamental level, everything is absolute. The relative is abstract. For some strange reason, relativists have a love affair with self-reference. Moving in time is self-referential and so is moving in a universe where only relative motion and position are possible. The whole thing is mind boggling, almost surrealistic.

Relativists will immediately retort that time dilation is proof that relativity is correct about time. Don't you believe it. Clocks do slow down, but not because time dilates, which is nonsense. They slow down because of energy conservation principles at work. That is all. Again, time cannot change by definition and simple logic.


Einsteinian physics is a monkey wrench in the works.  The idea that there is a time dimension along which we are moving in one direction or the other and the everything-is-relative dogma are conceptual disasters that have prevented physicists and other thinkers from seeing nature as it truly is. They have sent several generations of researchers on a wild goose chase for over a century. The current relativity craze is the claim that gravitational waves, which were predicted by Einstein, were recently detected by the LIGO experiment. In my opinion, LIGO is a total scam, a fraud perpetrated on an unsuspecting public to the tune of billions of dollars. I predict that it will come back to bite the physics community in the ass, and much sooner than the scammers suspect.

I have been writing about some of these things for many years. Click on the links below if you are interested.

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Bill said...

Glad to see you writing about physics again.

Rick Deckard said...

Physics is the silicon chip. One can not tell how the system works by looking at one chip.

I usually bring up a flower to communicate the limitation of our thinking.

Flowers and humans need the same system (sun, earth, etc) to exist. In fact, a human needs a flower. We think we are on "top of the food chain" but we are the last in the process of creation. This is important because most ignore that we are incapable of existing without the system as it is now. Our DNA breaks down in isolation. We simply decay without contact with beings that have any form of intelligence. Simple example, elderly need cats to live longer, but do look into studies on isolation, oh my... what a wonderful set of data.

Physics create a world of meta physics, which is completely ignored. We are studying the bacteria without looking at it's bi-product, trying to understand what it does, without asking the question why.

I think the "observer to observe it" is a way of connecting the physics and meta physics. Its a step in the right direction. Its like a child rhyme that you recited as a kid, but then realized what it really meant when you grew up.

fairplay said...

Perhaps Einstein accurately described the 'static' conditions of Satan's imprisonment? Escape from which involves the deception/destruction of humanity and the Earth maybe, hence CERN.

And the attempt requires that temporarily (Daniel 7 (25?) God allows a suspension of 'times and laws' and the opening of the abyss.

Just a thought, no special knowledge expertise claimed.

fairplay said...

Or perhaps the whole CERN scary pantomime is just a horribly expensive hoax; maybe the most dangerous weapon in Satan's armoury is simply increasingly extravagant lies?

Any views on this?

Louis Savain said...


Thanks for the comment. The only way to cover up the failure of previous outlandish lies is to come up with even more outlandish lies. What's even more amazing is that the general public gobbles up the lies as if they were manna from heaven.

fairplay said...

Hi Louis

Thanks for reply. Astronomy Prof Archie Roy worked at CERN, a pleasant man, he won a big bet on the date of the moon landings, although sceptics in his home city observed that neither Archie nor the bookie had proof, but likely the Prof had an inside line on when the 'landing'would be announced.

Prof Roy also headed up the Psychical Research Soc, and his spook hunting acolytes there struggled to communicate with the living. All mumbo jumbo, IMHO.

Great blog thanks, most of it too complicated for me but I get the drift, commonsense is my forte, share your beliefs. It's a wonderful world, thank God.

Ignatius JReilly said...

Always seemed estrange to me the whole "everything is relative to everything else" thingy. Still, if we can in fact place an absolute reference system, i cannot see how could we explain the constant speed of light across any other reference system.

Joe said...

You really don't understand your own theories.
"A time dimension would make motion impossible. Why? The short answer is that moving in time is self-referential. The slightly longer answer is that a change in time implies a velocity in time which would have to be given as v = dt/dt = 1, which is nonsense."
This is utter rubbish.
There is NO time dimension. You keep referring to spacetime as the actual dimension you live in. You don't. There are only 3 dimensions & I can move in all 3 of them!
Time is simply a number line it is NOT a dimension.
Time travel is impossible for various reasons but the most obvious being is that an object can't "travel" up & down a number line - it is meaningless!
Your explanations are no better than the elaborate quantum physicists explanations of black holes & dark energy.
If you are going to argue please be rational & have some common sense.