Friday, May 6, 2016

Materialists Are Boneheaded Jackasses: Why You Have a Supernatural Soul

Materialism Is Big Brother

The scientific community has been taken over by materialists, a fascist bunch of boneheaded religionists who have managed to convince the governments of most nations on planet Earth that they alone have the right to dictate what is science and what is not. Their hegemony on the public discourse is frighteningly efficient and ubiquitous. They have managed to control all of science, education, the media, the legal systems, the economic systems and the political systems of western nations. And if one assumes that they did all of this in a democratic fashion via the ballot box, one would be wrong. They accomplished their takeover using the most fascist method possible: the forced indoctrination of our children and the manipulation of public opinion via incessant propaganda, political correctness and other forms of intimidation. The assholes never asked us for our opinions.

If you don't accept that you have no soul, that you are nothing but flesh and bone, that dirt is the mother of life, that the universe poofed itself into existence and that your free will is an illusion, then you are a stupid despicable creationist. And you'd better hide your stupid beliefs, otherwise you will not advance in your career. You will be blacklisted and fired from positions of authority. Your scientific papers will certainly not be accepted for publication. You are being watched. Pay homage to the materialist gods or suffer the consequences. Materialism is Big Brother.

Be a Fearless Rebel

Do not be afraid of the fascist assholes. They are more scared of you than you are of them. This is why they have to use the threat of force to impose their cretinous dirt-worshipping religion on the public. And they are stealing your money to do it under the pretext of advancing science. Without you, they are nothing. Look the dirt worshippers right in the eye and tell them you have no fear. Tell the jackasses to go pound sand up their asses or something. The time of the rebellion is almost at hand. Materialists would like you to stop believing in the existence of a supernatural soul. The reason is that all the other religions believe in a soul. They are competing against the other religions under the guise of being all about science. They are accomplished weavers of lies and deception. The first thing you must do to join the rebellion is to arm yourself with a rock solid reason to support your belief in a supernatural soul. Otherwise, you are doomed to be no better than a dung beetle collecting shitballs in the dirt.

Why We Have a Soul

To deny the existence of an immaterial or supernatural soul is to stop believing one's own eyes. The amazing colorful 3D vista we think we see in front of our eyes is totally supernatural. Why? Because there is no 3D vista in our visual cortex or anywhere else (1). Our visual cortex and our entire brain are just a bunch of firing neurons. Space and distance are not a function of neuronal pulses. The only thing that matters in the brain is the temporal relationships between the pulses. They are either concurrent or sequential.

We certainly do not sense biochemicals and electric spikes flowing through our axons, synapses and dendrites. We see a fabulous, dynamic model of the world in glorious 3D. Something translated those neuronal firings into a colorful 3D vista. Call it spirit, soul or whatever. But it certainly exists and it is not material, a billion materialists claiming otherwise notwithstanding.

1. It can be logically shown that space (distance) does not exist at all. It is an abstract creation of the mind.

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Frenetic Zetetic said...

I couldn't agree with this more. Materialists are the worst of the worst, especially when they claim to be "doing science". What an epistemological failure on a massive scale. A fascist method of reality exploration if I've ever seen one.