Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Evil Lie about ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

There is no Question that ALS is an Autoimmune Disease

Those who claim otherwise are either working for Big Pharma or the ALS vulture industry, lying for some personal reason or do not know what they are talking about. ALS is caused by any of several types of genetic mutations. But what characterizes most forms of ALS is that the G-protein coupled receptors are defective. These ubiquitous receptors are used directly by both the nervous system and the immune system. They include GABA, glycine, serotonin, glutamate, prostaglandins and several others. Again, these receptors are used directly by both systems. It has been shown experimentally that inflammation is elevated in the brainstem and spinal cord of ALS patients long before the appearance of symptoms. This stuff has been known for decades. So Big Pharma or the ALS vulture industry are lying through their teeth when they continue to insist that inflammation is a secondary consequence of the disease and not part of the genesis of the pathology. They should know better. Shame on them.

The Evil Lie that Killed My Wife and Countless Others

My wife died because ALS experts lied to me. When I began investigating ALS, I was assured early on that ALS was not an autoimmune disease and that it had already been proven over and over that anti-inflammatory drugs have absolutely no effect on the disease. My mistake was to believe this evil lie. So I ignored the fact that my wife's improvements always occurred soon after being administered an anti-inflammatory drug like dexamethasone. I dismissed dexamethasone and instead focused on the only other drug that could have had an effect on the disease, the anesthetics. Anesthetics are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs in their own right and should be included in any comprehensive treatment because they target certain important receptors that traditional anti-inflammatory drugs don't. But anesthetics are not enough. The biggest contributors to my wife's improvements were the glucocorticoid drugs. But I was a fool and my wife died as a result. If I had not believed in the lie, I would have saved her life. I failed miserably.
Important: There are several ALS variants caused by different mutations. Not every ALS patient will see improvements from dexamethasone or prednisone or any one drug. But I believe that many will. Those who don't see any improvements should not despair. The immune system is vast and complex. It is likely that their particular form of ALS affects a different part of the immune system. Other types of anti-inflammatory drugs or a complex cocktail of drugs may do the trick.

Another reason that some PALS may not respond successfully to anti-inflammatory drugs has to do with drug penetration. Inflammation and other factors may prevent the drugs from reaching areas of the CNS where there are needed the most. Such patients may require direct injections into their brainstem and/or spine.
A Crime against Humanity

To claim that ALS is not an autoimmune disease and therefore cannot be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs is a crime against humanity because it blinds an entire community of terminal patients, their loved ones and their doctors to the availability of cheap, off-the-shelf drugs. These can have a powerful therapeutic effect on ALS, especially during the early stages of the disease before the motor neurons begin to suffer irreversible damage. This truth about the ability of anti-inflammatory drugs to effectively treat ALS is exactly what the ALS vulture industry and Big Pharma do not want you know. They are an evil society controlled by assholes and psychopaths who are only in it for the money. They don't give two shits about the lives and sufferings of millions of people. They are inhuman, traitors to their own species, who love to line their pockets with billions of dollars of the public's money. The Nazis and the Holocaust come to mind. When the dust settles on this despicable crime, there will be hell to pay.

I Hold You Responsible for my Wife's Death

I hold Big Pharma and the ALS vulture industry responsible for my wife's slow agonizing death and that of countless other PALS. I am not afraid of you and I'm coming after you with all the legal, scientific and political power I can muster.

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