Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ALS Update

Note (8/21/14): See my latest thinking on ALS: Anesthetics and Glucocorticoids for ALS.
Alright, here's what's going on from the ALS front line. Based on my research and my wife's experience with this awful disease over the years, I figured out that certain anesthetics, such as propofol, sevoflurane and halothane, can reverse ALS symptoms within hours after anesthesia. The effect can be spectacular. It turned out that this was the easy part. The hard part is to convince the ALS research cottage industry to take these anesthetics seriously. So far, up to five ALS patients have reported significant improvements after undergoing unrelated medical procedures that required anesthesia.

Many in the ALS community have figured out that the ALS research industry is not interested in finding a treatment. Their only goal is to continue to raise as much money as they can while making sure that a cure is never found. The pharmaceutical industry is only interested in trying out proprietary drugs which they can legally use to exclude rivals from the market while they're raping an unsuspecting public with exorbitant prices. Unfortunately for ALS sufferers, most of the patents on anesthetics have expired. It's inhuman and sickening. If I could afford it, I would pay a reputed lab to conduct a human efficacy trial but that is just a dream. Better yet, I would finance several medical clinics outside the country and immediately offer the therapy to those who can make the trip. Patients would pay only if they see improvements.

I could kick myself in the rear end for not having figured this out much sooner. All the evidence I needed was there. Years ago, my wife could still walk. I would have contacted some anesthesiologist in some other country and pay for the treatment. Unfortunately, my wife is currently bed ridden, under 24-hour nursing care and forced to use a ventilator for breathing. Our only hope is that a significant number of ALS patients in less strict countries can get the treatment. Their success stories would hopefully make the evening news and force the FDA and other health authorities to do something. In the meantime, because of the callous indifference on the part of those who are paid good money to find a treatment for this disease, thousands of people continue to die a horrible death.

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