Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soul Searching Again

I apologize for the delay in posting Part III and IV of The Secrets of the Holy Grail series. I am seriously debating whether or not I should continue to publish this stuff at this time. Given the dangerous world that we live in, true machine intelligence is not something to be taken lightly.

When it comes out, AI will change the world drastically in a very short order, for good and bad. Scientific and technological know-how will no longer be concentrated within the so-called developed nations. Knowledge is power. There is no doubt that various groups will immediately use AI to gain a powerful economic and military advantage over others. This shit will get out of control real fast and this is why I am paranoid. We are either on the edge of a precipice or on the border of paradise. I hate it. I really do.

I am not claiming that I understand it all but I understand enough of it to know that the rest will mostly be about dotting the i's and crossing the t's. I also realize that this knowledge will come out sooner or later, with or without me. I just need a little more time to think about how I should reveal what I have found so far. I swear, sometimes I wish I was living in the stone age. Hang in there.


jeanpaul said...

Hello Louis,

I've following your blog for a long time and on some occasions left a message too :) My interest in your blog was triggered way back about Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle, Chariots etc... which is a while ago. To my knowledge you 'ended' that part of your blog also with words of concern. I wonder, will you pick up the Lattice Propulsion theory (2009?) again?

Anyways, always a good read!

Bill said...

I also would like to read more about using the Lattice for propulsion.

Louis Savain said...

jeanpaul and Bill, thanks for writing and for your interest in my work. In a more genteel world, increased knowledge would be a good thing. Unfortunately, the human species, of which I am a member, has no honor. We are inherently self-destructive. Powerful knowledge will not be our savior but our undoing. I really don't want to be counted among those who contributed to the demise of the world. The world is evil but it's my world and I love it.

I certainly want to get back to lattice physics and I'm sure I will one day. But I don't know when. The problem is that lattice propulsion will be even much more disruptive than AI because it will be much cheaper and simpler to implement. With it, a dedicated individual, working alone in a garage, will be able to build a vehicle that can be used to deliver a harmful payload to any part of the world, in minutes or less! Current military drones look like butterflies in comparison.

The disruption in the transportation and energy production industries will be staggering in its speed and scale. Civilization could not survive the unleashing of this knowledge without a morally sound governmental system and a peace-loving populace. I shudder when I think about it.

BlackDream said...

I understand what you mean, chaos and shit.

Your writings are interesting and mind blowing.
If you don't finish it.. I't was not worth it.

Louis Savain said...


I don't think I got the wisdom or the strength to deal with this knowledge. I think I'm just a crazy fool who stumbled upon some crazy shit that was not meant to be found in my lifetime. The world is not ready and neither am I. I should have left the shit alone. I know it.

Arcadia said...

Jeff's latest: http://youtu.be/4y43qwS8fl4

There are interesting development on Jeff's team. Your comment and thought?

Louis Savain said...

Arcadia, I saw that video some time ago. There is nothing really new other than that Google is interested in Numenta and Hawkins would like to do business with Google. However, Google already snatched Ray Kurzweil and I don't think they want to have more than one heavy hitter on board. Google made a mistake with Kurzweil, in my opinion.

It's a good talk by Hawkins but notice that he does not make a distinction between pattern and sequence hierarchies. Also, he equates motor output with prediction. I think this is a mistake. There is a difference between the two.

Arcadia said...

It's interesting if you noticed, Ray Kurzweil was asking question in the end of the video clip.

Anyway, Jeff's embracing sparse distributed representation, which is Sparse distributed memory from Pentti Kanerva, this is new to me. Are you familiar with this development? (though the subject is nothing since 1988, I wonder why it has attracted Jeff)

Louis Savain said...

One of the important things to note about Hawkins and Numenta, in my opinion, is that, although Hawkins is a very smart guy, he's really got nothing that will blow the socks off the powers that be at Google. And if he did, he would not need Google or anybody else and he would not be running around making speeches and video presentations to convince others. Not that I disagree with what he's doing. It's a good thing to point as many people as possible in the right direction.

Also, Hawkins makes a big deal out of sparse distributed representations (and he should) but he never explains it in a way that makes any kind of sense to the intelligent layperson. The very expression, "sparse distributed representation" is annoyingly geeky-sounding. I personally cannot stand that smarter-than-thou, elitist baby-boomer language.

What it really means is that a pattern consists of many discrete concurrent signals (which he and others call "data") arriving from diverse places but it is not necessary for ALL the signals to arrive concurrently in order for the system to know the pattern is detected. Only a subset of the signals need to arrive. This one of the ways that the brain can deal with noisy and incomplete sensory information. Of course, the number of available signals is an indication of the certainty of the recognition. At any rate, it shows that the brain is internally deterministic because it has no use for partial pattern detections. A pattern is either detected or it isn't.

Hawkins is on to something big but he still has a long way to go, in my opinion.

Louis Savain said...


I forgot to say that Hawkins has been pushing sparse distributed representations (SDR) for at least two years now. The reason that SDR works so well is that the correct recognition of a pattern is almost a certainty even when only a subset of the pattern's signals are present. It's why we can see faces in clouds and the surface of the moon, draw stick figures as kids and recognize objects in stylized art.

Having said that, SDR is not a panacea that will open the door to a full understanding of pattern learning. The latter is hard to discover but easy once you know what you're doing.

Kurzweil is a member of the Singularity movement, those civilized and hyper-rational folks who have all jumped on the Bayesian bandwagon. In the meantime, they want to bring about the so-called Singularity without being destroyed by a bunch of super-intelligent rebellious machines. They will not allow anybody, especially not an idiot Christian like me, to tell them the error of their ways. Elitists are like that. They are convinced they are smarter than everyone else. That's too bad.

Rickey Bowers Jr. said...

The saving grace is for conscious people to discover and utilize new technologies. Even in the face of whatever maligned forces are at work, we must move forward with the best intentions we have.

This caveman is looking forward to your insights. ;)