Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Don't Want No Stinking Jobs

The Machines Are Coming

The writing is on the wall. Intelligent machines will replace everybody. And I don't just mean the factory or farm worker, the fry cook, the maid or the gardener. I mean, every effing body. Your advanced degree won't mean diddly squat. So all this silly talk about preserving jobs is pointless. Our economic systems have failed or will soon fail. Both capitalism and communism were wrong from the start because they base the economy on human slave labor. Why do I say slave labor? Because unless you own land and have the ability to make a living on your land, you are at the mercy of someone else. We, humans, are a territorial species and we should all be living on our own domains. Capitalism gives control of the land to a few and enslaves the rest. Communism takes the land away completely and enslaves everybody. The arrival of intelligent machines will destroy them both.

We Are Tired of Being Slaves

We need a land-based, jobless economy where the land is divided for an inheritance (not for a price) and where only individuals have the right to own intelligent robots, not the corporations. That should keep the greedy assholes among us from amassing too much power. And since robots will make robots, robots will be dirt cheap or, at least, as cheap as the supply of energy and other resources will allow. Politicians had better stop promising us jobs (as if they were doing us a favor) because we don't want no stinking jobs. We, humans, are gods. We want synthetic intelligent servants to do our work for us, all of it. We just want to sit by the pool and enjoy our margaritas and delicacies and rule on our own land. We're tired of being slaves to invisible masters.

I Am Still Here

I know this is an unusual topic for me but I just thought I would write about something that's been on my mind lately. It is mostly a way to let my readers know that I am still here and have not given up the fight. Lately, for some reason, it seems as if the entire cosmos is conspiring to throw one monkey wrench after another into my wheels. I am going through a series of crises and my work suffers as a result. But don't worry. This can only last for so long. And I will never give up. I am still working on the Rebel Speech demo whenever I get a chance. I plan to release version 1.0 in the not too distant future and, believe me, it is worth the wait.


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