Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lattice Interactions, Part VII



In Part VI, I argued for the existence of a special law or principle to govern interactions between normal matter particles and seraphim (lattice particles). The law stipulates that an interaction between a normal particle an a seraph occurs only if the particle is moving in the same direction that the seraph is facing. I also showed that Ezekiel's metaphorical text strongly suggests that a particle can move in only one direction/dimension at a time. However, it seems that there must be one exception to this rule. This is the topic of this post. Please read the previous installments before continuing.

Straight Legs and Calf's Feet

The primary reason for wanting to restrict the motion of a particle to one dimension at a time is that it makes it easy to determine how the particle's wings will interact with the seraphim in the lattice. This rule restricts interactions to only one seraph at a time. However, as I explained in my previous post, there is a problem with this rule. The reason is that every particle must move in the fourth dimension at the speed of light. This is required in order to keep the universe refreshed with a new 3-D slice of the 4-D lattice at every instant. In other words, there can be no wait periods between the jumps in the fourth dimension. If all motion occurred sequentially in only one dimension at a time, then motion in the fourth dimension would be forced to wait its turn. This is unacceptable. It seems that there must be an exception to the sequential interaction rule. I think this is what Ezekiel's metaphorical text is saying when he wrote in Chapter 1, verse 7:
Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze.
In my current interpretation of the metaphorical texts, feet symbolize the ability of a particle to move in the fourth dimension at the speed of light. Legs are, of course, attached to feet and both contribute to motion. But why did Ezekiel write that the creatures' legs were straight? What could be the significance of having straight legs? I think it is calling attention to the fact that motion in the fourth dimension, unlike motion in the familiar 3-D space, is not composite, i.e., it does not consist of multiple vectors. It is a single straight motion. Normal 3-D motion, by contrast, consists of up to three components, depending on its absolute direction. While normal motion can be straight in the case of single dimension motion, this is extremely rare. Note also that the feet are said to "gleam like burnished bronze." I think this is a way to create a contrast between the two types of motion. Feet motion is hard, deterministic and unchanging. Wing motion, by contrast, is soft, non-deterministic and changes often.

As an aside, notice that Ezekiel identified the creatures' feet as being similar to those of a calf or bull. Since feet are used for motion in the fourth dimension, this tells us that the bull or calf is the symbol of the fourth dimension. Remember also that all the cherubim have four faces, one of which is that of a bull or calf. Likewise, one of the seraphim that comprise the sea of glass has the face of a bull. This knowledge will come in handy in the future.

Universal Heartbeat

The universe is like a humongous, massively parallel, discrete computer or, better yet, a huge cellular automaton. It has a universal discrete heartbeat that governs all interactions, huge numbers of which occur in parallel during every beat. Given the restrictions placed on particle motion in Ezekiel's text, it follows that every particle with bull's feet and face (such as the electron) interacts with a bull-faced seraph (e-seraph, see Part IV) during every heartbeat. This takes place in the fourth dimension and it is what generates and sustains the electrical field of a charged particle. However, no particle can have more than one non-bull interaction at a time. Non-bull interactions occur when a particle with one or more magnetic face moves in the familiar 3-D space, thus creating a magnetic field. In other words, no particle can move in more than one of the familiar three dimensions at a time.

In my next post, I'll have more to say about the electric field.


minimal said...

When are you planning on showing your proof via experiment? I saw you alluding to that in Nov 2009 (I think).

Louis Savain said...


Be patient, my friend. There is a time for everything. Besides, I am not so sure you will welcome the very interesting times that are sure to follow.

minimal said...

Well then I'll just have to go and say you don't know me very well at all.