Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lattice Propulsion, Part IV

[My original articles on lattice propulsion, which were first posted in October of last year, ruffled so many feathers that I decided to repost them over the next few days.]

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


In Part III, I wrote that Edward Leedskalnin’s real message in his book, Magnetic Current, has to do with electrostatic fields and one’s orientation relative to the absolute axes of the universe. I believe that the entire message that Ed was trying to convey is contained in the first sentence of the book. I think that the rest of the book may have been a diversion. I also explained the riddle of the Sphinx and mentioned that Ed left another important clue, a stone shaped like a right angle. In this post, I will go over the meaning of the right angle stone and a couple of other related things. If you have not already done so, please read Physics: The Problem With Motion, Understanding the Lattice and the first three parts of this article before continuing.

Ed’s Flanking Stones

The problem with creating an electrostatic field between two plates is that there are two poles, positive and negative. Positive seraphim flowing from one plate meet negative seraphim coming from the other plate and cancel each other out. That is to say, no net force is created on a stone placed in the middle.
Why is this a problem? It has to do with energy conservation. In other words, if the seraphim cancel each other out when they interact with the stone in the middle, where do their energies go? Before I answer this question, please take a good look at the picture below. It is an intriguing picture of a stone monument that Ed erected inside Coral Castle. Observe that the big 30-ton block sitting on the ground in the middle is flanked by two smaller blocks.
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That is an interesting arrangement in its own right but what is even more interesting, in my opinion, are the horizontal lines on the flanking stones. Do you see the similarity between my diagram above and Ed’s blocks? Why would Ed place three blocks side by side when he could just as easily have placed a bigger block at the same spot? After all, if you can cut, lift and transport a 30-ton rock, how much more work would a 60-ton rock be? Ed was obviously sending a message. The symbolism of the structure is so striking that it seems to me that he must have understood a lot more about the underlying theory of levitation than can be surmised from his writings alone. It's either that or he was being directed by someone else. Who knows? There is much more to the mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and his castle than we can know for now.

The Right Angle Stone

When faced with a situation where the energy conservation principle is violated, nature must correct the violation somehow. (By the way, all conservation principles known to physics are derived from the mother of all conservation principles, the conservation of nothing. But that’s a topic for a future article). In this case, nature if forced to transform the seraphim in the counter-moving beams by transferring energy from one wing to another in order to eliminate the violation. The result is that the seraphim instantly change their movement and start moving in a perpendicular direction. If the seraphim were moving in a trajectory parallel to one of the absolute axes of the universes, nature has only two other perpendicular directions to work with, owing to the finite number of wings and the restrictions imposed on seraphical movement (see previous post). There is no reason to prefer one to the other. So nature chooses them at random, which means that, on average, the net effect is nil. The important thing to note about all of this is that the seraphim must do a 90-degree turn. I believe that this is part of the symbolic meaning of Ed's right-angle stone perched on a pedestal on top of the 30-stone block. The key to levitation is to come up with a way to force nature to do your bidding. Ed's right angle stone is an important part of the secret.

Lo que serĂ¡, serĂ¡

Whatever will be will be. At this point, it would be impossible for me to write another post on this subject without revealing the full secret of lattice propulsion (and stone levitation), a secret that was known to Ed Leedskalnin more than half a century ago, and to a select few in ancient times, a secret that will shake the world in more ways than one. I am very much aware of the possible consequences of unleashing this knowledge into the world and, frankly speaking, I am rather scared. I am scared for myself because a) I neither want nor need the publicity and b) this is the kind of stuff that brings out the evil in men. I am scared for humanity as well because, letting this knowledge loose into the world will be highly destabilizing, to say the least. But then again, I am just a raving lunatic, so I don't really know for sure what will happen.

U Can’t Touch This

That being said, something keeps telling me that all secrets are uncovered sooner or later and that this may be the right time for the ancient and powerful secret of the sea of glass and the six-winged seraphim to come out. If not, then I would not be able to reveal it even if I tried with all my might. I am planning a demonstration at a time and place of my choosing (soon, I hope). I cannot publish the experimental setup until after the demo. Why? Because I have noticed a tendency within the physics community to claim that they already have a theory for something even when the historical evidence squarely contradicts them. It's the "we knew it all along" syndrome. Someone wrote to tell me that physicists are way ahead of me and that they already know all about the lattice. They even have a name for it: the zero-point energy field. Ok. Whatever. What I really want to do is to demonstrate the levitation technology based on the hypothesis that I've tried to explain in these articles and then issue a challenge to the physics community to duplicate it. The name of the challenge will be “U can’t touch this”, following on a theme made famous by the M.C. Hammer song of the same name. In other words, the challenge will be, can your physics do this?

We are living in exciting times. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Great series, Louis.

Every important technology can be used for good or bad. Computers, telephones, powered flight, etc. It depends on the intentions of the person using the technology. The potential for misuse is always there. That can't be a reason to hold back innovation. Ultimately, anything that can be done will be done anyway.

Joshua said...

So, since your plan to release the secret to the world was left in this repost, can we be expecting the "I Can't Do It" post to come next?

Louis Savain said...


I see your point but this isn't just about introducing a better mousetrap into the world. This is a highly disruptive technology. Sure, in a peaceful world, there would be no problem. However, in a world where people are being slaughtered daily by various groups, this technology would do a lot more harm than good.

Consider this. What if terrorist organizations, or a few rogue governments, or even determined individuals working independently, what if they suddenly acquired the technology to quickly deliver powerful explosives or other destructive ordinances to any part of the world? Things would get seriously out of hand, really fast. Would it not? This is the kind of scenarios that I think about and, frankly, they terrify me.

As I wrote elsewhere, I have neither the moral rectitude nor the authority to act on this. What I am about to say may sound weird to many but I say it in all seriousness. The powerful knowledge of the seraphim and of the sea of glass (lattice) was written in clever metaphors and hidden in plain sight for millenia for a reason. The extra-terrestrial beings who left us this knowledge in coded form are not a bunch of morons and wussies that can be nonchalantly dismissed. They are extremely powerful beings who can kick major ass if they so choose. It is certain that they have a master plan for humanity. It is not up to me but up to them to make a decision on this matter. I have no authority. Right now, unless I am told otherwise, I am just another crackpot on the internet. Sorry.

jeanpaul said...

But on the other hand: there might be another louis somewhere that is about to use this technology. And that other louis could be a nasty dude.

If the extra-terrestrials see bad things being done with this technology, the could be here in a second and prevent/stop it, couldn't they? Maybe they are really waiting for someone to open up this box of goodies and see what happens.

Jean Paul

Anonymous said...

If this information were really intended to be kept secret, why would it be "hidden in plain sight" in the world's most popular book? If one really wanted to keep a secret, why not just say nothing?

I recently watched the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is a story about alien intervention in the evolution of humanity. There is a scene where astronauts dig up an alien artifact on the moon. When exposed to the sun, the artifact sends a signal to another such alien device orbiting Jupiter, which leads the human explorers to discover an interstellar gateway.

The interesting aspect was that the lunar artifact was deliberately buried millions of years prior its discovery. In other words, the alien civilization who buried it intended it to be triggered (by sunlight) at some later date when humans had advanced to the point where technology allowed for lunar exploration. The aliens purposely left clues in place to be triggered at the appropriate date, which is whenever they could be uncovered.

So perhaps the fact that the working of the lattice have been decoded means that this is the appropriate time for them to have been decoded?

Louis Savain said...


You got a point but what it comes down to is that I don't trust myself. What I mean is that I don't know myself well enough. Maybe I am an evil Louis. Maybe there is another Louis out there, not a nasty dude, but a good guy who is wise enough to know what to do with this stuff. Let him come out and do his thing. I personally don't want the responsibility.

This may come as a surprise to some but deep down, what I really want is a quiet life in a hidden corner of the world. I'd be happy tending a garden in a rain forest somewhere. At the same time, this business has grabbed a powerful hold of my being and it won't let go. It feels almost like a curse.

Anonymous said...


You are not the "evil Louis". The fact that you can even ask this question proves that you are not.

I ask the same question of you that I ask of the "others"... If this was really intended to be a secret, then why write anything at all? Wouldn't it be simpler and safer to say nothing?

I understand your point about tending to a small garden. But life is strange. Did you ever consider that this is your purpose, to be the person who decodes the greatest mystery of the universe? Nobody expects it to be easy, but perhaps it is your destiny...

Louis Savain said...

Bill wrote,

If this was really intended to be a secret, then why write anything at all? Wouldn't it be simpler and safer to say nothing?

I don't think it was intended to be a secret forever. Consider that the message is not just in the text but also the way and the times in history it was delivered. The message was not written in our DNA nor was it chiseled on some ancient tablets unearthed by archaeologists. It was placed in several ancient books that later became part of the collection known as the Bible. This alone acknowledges the origins and authenticity of two of the greatest human religions, Christianity and the Jewish religion. Part of the message appears in the Torah and the other in the Christian New Testament. This is a powerful symbolism in its own right, the meaning of which will not be lost on many, you can rest assured.

I am sure that whoever orchestrated the whole thing had a precise timetable in mind. We'll just have to wait and see.

Did you ever consider that this is your purpose, to be the person who decodes the greatest mystery of the universe? Nobody expects it to be easy, but perhaps it is your destiny...

Bill, I know I'm a weirdo but I ain't that special.

Anonymous said...


My argument is tautological-- the message is intended to be decoded by those who can decode it at the moment when they are ready to see it.

If the "creators" of the message wanted to maintain control over the timing of its release, they could have guaranteed that by not writing it down in plain view. Once the message was encoded in public texts, control over the timing of its release was lost. It could have been decoded by anyone at any moment. The authors of the message must have realized that.

Personal value judgments like "special" or "weirdo" are irrelevant. The fact that you have decoded this message is the only important factor.

Louis Savain said...


I am impressed by your seeming willingness to believe my claims regarding the eventual use of the lattice for super fast travel and unlimited free energy production. I am impressed because all I have offered so far are arguments. You believe without having observed an actual demonstration of my claims. You seem to have convinced yourself of their validity on the basis of the arguments alone. This is what I call faith. Faith must never be blind, otherwise it's just dumb superstition.

At any rate, I disagree that the message givers are not in control of the timing of its release. For one, it is highly likely that the message could not have been understood by earlier generations, even among the cognoscenti, due to a lack of scientific knowledge. One of the likely reasons that it was placed in ancient religious texts is to confound the wise among us and expose the fact that their worldview is seriously flawed.

Consider also that what I have uncovered is just a tiny fraction of the scientific message contained in the ancient scriptures. There are other equally amazing stuff in that occult little book (the book of Revelation) and elsewhere. The old forbidden trees in the garden of Eden, the tree of knowledge and the tree of life are revealed in all their mysterious glory. Need I mention that they are not what people think they are? This stuff is as deep as it is beautiful.

As King Solomon once wrote, there is a time for everything. Have a little patience. It won't be much longer, I think.

Mikeymike said...

Hi Louis,

Let me assume for a moment that you are right. Let me also assume that you have a working model. The only issue now is do you publicly demonstrate this model or not?

You are worried about the repercussions. Let's look at some of those.

You would have the ability to end global hunger. Food production is not the problem, it is distribution; getting the food to people who need it in a timely fashion. This ends when your free transportation device is created.

You would have the ability to solve all energy problems. Imagine your particles moving through your lattice filed. Now imagine those moving particles driving turbines. No more coal, gas or nuclear energy production, no more of the massive environmental degradation of the planet. Free energy, which as an added bonus, removes any need for fighting over oil in the Middle East. And with free energy comes free and limitless water through desalination.

Okay, so lets think about this, you would have the ability to save millions of lives in Africa and Asia, improve the quality of life for everyone on planet, save the environment and end most wars that are waging right now.

And you're worried about terrorism. I'm not discounting that it's not a risk, look at

You don't have to be "evil" Louis, you could be altruistic Louis who gives away this remarkable technology for all of us. Think of Tim Berners-Lee, who gave away the technology for the world wide web for nothing.

I put it to you that if you hold back this technology, you are allowing these terrible things to continue. And that, is indeed evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louis,
You have gone too far to now introduce your fear/concern. If you have figured this thing out, then great, please share. Otherwise, I (for one) won't be checking in any more and will look to the "Crackpots" for my knowledge and amusements. I do give you credit, you captured my attention and imagination for a few weeks.
Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...


I wanted to respond to your earlier comment about blind faith.

It's true that I've been convinced by the logic of your arguments, specifically, that the universe is finite, absolute, and causal. This model of reality overcomes the many obvious paradoxes and inconsistencies of the status quo model, which is infinite, relative, and acausal.

Of course proof of the lattice will require a reproducible experiment. But I suspect you have already done the experiment, and were frightened by its outcome. In particular, when I read your post from last November entitled "Why I am crazy", it seemed like you were trying to throw off the scent of your trail, so to speak. My feeling was, "Me thinks thou doth protest too much".

I mean no disrespect by this, in fact, quite the opposite.

If I'm wrong and you've just been fooling the readers of this blog, then I don't care because it has been as entertaining as any science fiction out there!

But I don't think it's fiction.

Louis Savain said...


Thanks for writing. You write:

I put it to you that if you hold back this technology, you are allowing these terrible things to continue. And that, is indeed evil.

One could make the same argument with respect to the message givers. They have the power to stop all the terrible things to continue. Their power is much greater than mine and they've had it before humans appeared on the earth. Are they evil for letting it happen? Maybe some of them are but not all.

Please understand that I'm just a paranoid guy with a computer and internet access. I am not the lord of the world and I am not the lord of the harvest, as the scriptures would put it. This is much bigger than me and I must tread carefully.

PS. Do not yearn too much for interesting times. You won't like it.

Louis Savain said...


Admit it. You're hooked. No need for you to check in everyday, though. Use an RSS news reader to get the latest as they happen. This blog supports RSS syndication. One never knows.

Louis Savain said...


But I don't think it's fiction.

You're right. It's not fiction. It's the real McCoy. And there's more to come. Be patient.