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Lattice Propulsion, Part III

[My original articles on lattice propulsion, which were first posted in October of last year, ruffled so many feathers that I decided to repost them over the next few days.]

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


In Part II, I wrote that there was no doubt in my mind that Ed Leedskalnin, the man who built the Coral Castle and claimed to have discovered the levitation secrets of the ancients, was indeed onto something big. In this post, I describe what Ed Leedskalnin meant by electricity and I explain the riddle of the Sphinx. If you have not already done so, please read Physics: The Problem With Motion, Understanding the Lattice and the first two parts of this article before continuing.

Ed’s Message

In my opinion, Ed Leedskalnin wanted posterity to figure out how he built his castle. He left several clues, the most important of which, in my opinion, is the very first sentence of his book Magnetic Current, which I reproduce below:
This writing is lined up so when you read it you look East, and all the description you will read about magnetic current, it will be just as good for your electricity.
To grasp what Ed was saying, one must understand what he meant by magnetic current and electricity. In his model, a magnetic current is a stream of micro-magnets that flows in and out of a big magnet. By electricity, Ed was not referring to the modern meaning of electric current as a flow of electrons in a conductor. He was talking about the tiny particles (micro-magnets) that, he hypothesized, flow in and out of an electrically charged body. In other words, electric micro-magnets behave like magnetic micro-magnets but only if the apparatus is oriented to face true east. Why? Ed did not explain why because, in my opinion, he did not know. His attempt at a theory had merit but, in the end, it was just that, an attempt. But somehow, I don’t think that Ed’s Magnetic Current was really meant to teach anybody anything about magnetism. I now believe that the first sentence was Ed’s entire message. And the message is, if you understand this sentence, then you already know the secret of levitation. So why did Ed direct the reader of his little book to “look east” when working with electricity? What follows is my explanation.

The Riddle of the Sphinx

In Understanding the Lattice, Part IV, I mentioned that, thousands of years ago, a man named Isaiah wrote down the secret of seraphim motion on a scroll. According to Isaiah, a seraph can use only two of its six wings at a time to move. Remember that the wings of seraphim are associated with motion in the three familiar spatial dimensions. There are two wings (positive and negative) for each dimension. It follows that, at any given time, a seraph can only move on an absolute surface or plane. Note that it takes two perpendicular dimensions or axes to describe a surface. Let’s call this surface an 'absolute plane'. In abstract 3-D space, there are three possible types of absolute planes, each perpendicular to the others, as depicted by the three sides of the isometric cube below.

What if you could force a coherent stream of seraphim (arrows) to move in parallel trajectories but perpendicularly to one of the three absolute planes? The answer is that the seraphim would be using only one of their wings for movement. It follows that, by playing with various directions of motion aligned with the absolute axes of the universe, one can control which pairs of wings are used.
Now, what if the north-south rotational axis of the earth was parallel to one of the absolute axes of the universe? It would mean that any plane perpendicular to the axis of the earth would be parallel to one of the three absolute planes described above. It would also mean that, if you were standing up vertically on the surface of the earth and look east, you would be moving in an absolute plane as the earth spins on its axis. This is the secret of the Sphinx of Giza and the key to levitation. And this is the reason that Ed directed the reader of his book to look east. Is it a coincidence that the axis of the earth is parallel to one of the three absolute axes of the universe? I don’t think so. I'll have more to say on this topic in a future post.

Ed’s Other Big Clue

My hypothesis is that it is possible to control the direction of motion of a given type of seraphim through a block of stone in such a way as to induce a change in the stone that would cause it to move in a certain direction. Ed Leedskalnin left a few other clues about his secret in plain sight at Coral Castle. The first important clue, of course, is that the castle is oriented to the true cardinal directions. Another clue, in the form of a rock shaped like a right angle, can be seen on top of the huge 30-ton stone, the heaviest stone at Coral Castle. I think this was Ed’s way of saying that the secret of stone levitation involves having two things cross at a right angle. That’s the subject of my next post in this series.

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Azathoth said...

You go from this:

"what if the north-south rotational axis of the earth was parallel to one of the absolute axes of the universe?"

To this:

"Is it a coincidence that the axis of the earth is parallel to one of the three absolute axes of the universe? I don’t think so."

Without any intervening proof or argument of any kind whatsoever.