Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sitting on a Mountain of Crap, Wasting Time

Theater of the Absurd

I love physics but I cannot stand physicists. No other field of science has more ass kissers and more blatant, in-your-face crackpottery. Just a couple of days ago, some crackpot physicist by the name of Nikodem Poplawski announced to the world that the universe is inside a wormhole, which is inside a black hole that lies within a much larger universe full of other black holes, wormholes, crackpot physicists and other universes. I swear I am not making any of this shit up. But this crap is common fare in the physics community. And only physicists can get away with going public with such absurdities.

A Mountain of Unadulterated Bullshit

As we all know, black holes and wormholes are based on Einstein's physics. The problem is that Einstein's physics is based on the existence of continuous structures and of a time dimension, both of which are pure unmitigated crackpottery. This crap is not even wrong because, as anybody with a lick of sense should know, a time dimension makes motion impossible. Moreover, continuity (infinite divisibility) is, of course, a pile of crap on the face of it because it leads to an infinite regress by definition. But these two turd examples only scratch the surface of the Himalayan-size mountain of bullshit on which modern physics is resting. Almost everything you learned in physics school is crap, from the Star-Trek voodoo fairy tales of time travel and multiple universes to the Einsteinian idea that only relative motion and position exist in the universe. It's all pure unadulterated bovine excrement. I need lots of synonyms for 'crap', I know.

Chicken Shit Voodoo Physics

Who will rise up to deliver us from this mountain of crap? Will it be the little con artist in the wheelchair over in England? I seriously doubt it. Stephen Hawking is one of the most prolific crap makers of them all. His shit stinks to high heaven even if his band of disciples and the clueless media love it so. I feel like vomiting every time I think about Hawking's chicken shit voodoo physics.
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The situation in the physics community is so bleak that, lately, I am considering buying a rubber chicken to make my point. I will write 'Physicist' on it with a black marker pen and I will hang it by the neck at the entrance of my home. Why? Because all I read about lately is worthless chicken shit voodoo physics and chicken shit voodoo physicists like Hawking and Poplawski.
Please do me a favor. Don't write to tell me that you're offended because I don't care. I am the one who should be offended because I spent countless hours of my life learning a bunch of physics crap only to spend countless more hours unlearning it. Yes, I have been sitting on this mountain of crap most of my life, wasting my precious time. And I don't like it. The physics community owes me and everybody else an apology, goddammit. But thanks to the internet and computer engineering, none of which was made possible by wormhole physics, multiverses, time travel and other such crap, I can vent my spleen to my heart's content. I can crap all day long on their wormhole, black hole, Big Bang and time travel religion. It's the rebel in me. Isn't free speech grand?

I feel better now. Thank you.

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Jim T said...

And just think, all you have to do to bring the whole facade down is to publish that one simple experiment that anyone can do, wow, such power.

Louis Savain said...

Jim T,

Patience is a virtue, amigo. As Solomon once wrote, there is a time for everything. And, besides, I am not the master of the harvest.

Conzar said...

I think you might have explained this in another post, but I don't remember the theory behind this.

"a time dimension makes motion impossible."

Could you explain this again?


Conzar said...

I just saw your included link:

I understand your point of view now and agree with it.

Recently I have seen doctors providing "4D ultra sounds". It makes me want to vomit when hearing this term and shows the complete stupidity of American's particularly the parents to be.

The more correct term is 3D animated ultra sounds or just call it 3D like any person who has an understanding of computer graphics and animation.

One of the doctors we were seeing in this regard denied that gravity doesn't assist the baby during labour. We of course left that doctors office and have sympathy to the uniformed parents that use these doctors which will most likely end up with a C-Section.

Ebola said...

Kill yourself

vaibhav said...

I share your views and emotions

Fayaz Tahir said...

In order to know the truth please read the Natural theory of relativity inertia and gravitation by Fayaz Tahir.

MikeMaguire said...

Part 1.

Couldn't agree more that modern Physics is an utter joke. I left that profession in utter disgust at the ever increasing tide of non-falsifiable fairy-tale "theories" I was seeing and went into Engineering instead. And it angers me, because I love Physics, the pure pursuit of Truth, and I find it so ironic that Physics was in it's glory days just a century ago, especially with the advent of Quantum Mechanics. Those Great minds of the early 20th century bequeathed a wealth of knowledge to subsequent generations, and what have we done with it? Squandered it. If Bohr, Heisenberg, De Broglie or Planck were alive today they would be shocked and disgusted with what Physics has become.

Where did it all go wrong?

Well ironically it seems to have started with Einstein and his unfathomable abandonment of the ether. Ironic because Einstein had great admiration for the infinitely greater mind James Clerk Maxwell and built much of his work on Maxwell's earlier findings. Hell he wasn't even the first person to discover E = MC squared, even though it is falsely accredited to him.

But his biggest blunder was abandoning the ether. Quite how he could have done this is inexplicable. Of course there must be an ether, a medium through which all electromagnetic phenomena propagate. There is no "action-at-a-distance". That is meaningless drivel. Without a medium of propagation there could be no electromagnetic effects of any kind. No electromagnetic waves, no motors, no generators, no transformers, nothing. Every Physicist in the World should have risen as one and demanded Einstein explain how electromagnetic induction can possibly exist without an intervening ether. But they didn't.

What makes it all the more perplexing is that the ether is literally right there, explicit in Maxwell's famous equations, arguably the most precise and famous equations in all of Physics. What do people think the "permittivity of free space" and "permeability of free space" constants in Maxwell's equations are? What more do they need, for these parameters to jump of the page and slap them in the face?

These 2 constants define the ether, in many ways they are analogous to density/temperature in air or any liquid medium. And in similar manner determine the speed of wave propagation through them. That is why the speed of light is so vast, because the product of those 2 ether parameters is so vanishingly small. In other words the ether is tremendously fine and subtle. Little wonder then that it is difficult to detect.

But Michelson-Morley proved there was no ether I hear you say. Well, not exactly. Their initial test showed no evidence of an ether wind, but as we just showed, the ether is tremendously subtle, what chance then that the technical capabilities of mankind 100 years ago were sufficient to detect it? But if you study the life of Michelson, you will find that he conducted other more sensitive tests later, with quite different results, and that he himself did NOT believe that there was no ether. But of course you will never be taught that at school or University.

No, the entire Scientific community siezed upon that one flawed result, crowned Einstein Lord God Almighty of Physics, and he has worn that ill-deserved crown ever since. And woe betide any mortal who dares to question the God Einstein.

And so we embarked upon a century of flawed Physics. A century of ever increasing madness. If your fundamental axioms are flawed, then everything built upon it is flawed. A house built on sand. But sadly it's much worse than that. Physicist even began to abandon the very bedrock of Science itself - The Scientific Method.

MikeMaguire said...

Part 2.

And so we embarked upon a century of flawed Physics. A century of ever increasing madness. If your fundamental axioms are flawed, then everything built upon it is flawed. A house built on sand. But sadly it's much worse than that. Physicist even began to abandon the very bedrock of Science itself - The Scientific Method.

First they came to the conclusion, based on flawed observational results by Hubble, that the Universe was expanding. Hubble bless his heart, pointed out that the data was skewed and did NOT represent an expanding universe, but he was ignored and his original skewed data used to give birth to the erroneous Big Bang theory. Hubble in fact went to his death believing there was no such thing as an expanding universe and angry that the scientific community had attached this bogus theory to his name.

Another superlative astronomer, Halton Arp, showed decades later in his Atlas of peculiar galaxies, that many galaxies and quasars, thought to be at vastly different distances from each other (by their redshifts), were clearly physically connected to and interacting with each other. That observation, had the Scientific Method been adhered to, should have killed the big bang theory stone dead. If redshift is not a reliable indicator of recessional velocity, and therefore distance, then we have no true knowledge of the size and age of the universe. But instead the scientific community ignored him, then denied him telescope-time, then finally sent him into exile.

So some time later it was decided that not only is the universe expanding, but it's rate of expansion doesn't make sense according to standard general relativity models. Instead of doing what any true Physicist would do, admit their theories are wrong and go back to the drawing board, they ignored the scientific method and instead INVENTED the purely fictional dark matter and dark energy. And despite decades spent developing detectors costing billions of taxpayers dollars, have detected fuck-all of their fictional fantasy material. But it's given many a phony physicist a comfortable lifelong career working at one of these "detectors".

They also invented a whole new branch of physics and had the nerve to call it "particle physics". Something that angers me, because it shows these Physicists have no true or deep understand of the findings of Quantum Physics. That "particles" don't really exist. That they have no independant existence outside of observation and only appear when observed with the exact properties being looked for.
This is a fundamental and world-view changing discovery by the early founders of QM and it has been verified again and again by experiment.

MikeMaguire said...

Part 3.

So now we find ourselves in the era of fantasy fairy-tale physics. In which the Scientific method is dead in the water, in which individual free-thinkers are despised and persecuted and only those who toe the establishment line and follow the consensus are rewarded with tenured University positions and published papers, and in which we the public are frequently fed nauseating joke-physics news article with titles like "Physicists spot a Dark Matter Ghost Galaxy" (real title - I kid you not) and other garbage like that. They need to drip feed this shit to the untrained-in-physics public to justify their useless existence and secure future funding.

Finally. Modern Physics has become completely institutionalized and married to Politics. It's High Priest's who must never be questioned are Einstein and Darwin. The faithful have been well trained like good sheep to immediately attack and persecute anyone who does not conform or dares question the holy High Priests. Only those who follow consensus and obey the party line are rewarded with careers, publications, and funding.

And so here we are - 2018. These idiots still can't explain gravity, or the self-energy of the electron (a problem still unsolved after a century), and yet they think they can tell you what happened at 10 to the minus 31 seconds after the fictional big bang.

Louis Savain said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Maguire. Good read. We don't agree on everything but we agree that modern physics is a mountain of crap.