Friday, February 12, 2010

My First E-Book: How to Solve the Parallel Programming Crisis

The Rebel Science E-Bookstore

The Rebel Science E-Bookstore is now open for business. Only one e-book is currently available but that will change soon. My first e-book, "How to Solve the Parallel Programming Crisis", is a compilation of about 36 articles on computers and programming that I have written over the years. With very few exceptions, I left most of the articles as they were originally written.

Honor System

I initially planned to publish an e-book with Amazon (or some other e-book vendor) but I have since changed my mind for reasons I wrote about in a previous post. I have concluded that Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is the best format for electronic self-publishing. Every e-book in the Rebel Science Bookstore is available for free download. Pay me only if you think it was worth your while.

The Rebel Science Research Institute

The money that I make selling my books will go toward setting up the Rebel Science Research Institute. RSRI will focus mainly on education and research in physics, computer science and artificial intelligence. Please donate if you think this is a worthwhile endeavor.


Harold Brooklin said...

I enjoyed reading your 8 blog posts: "The Brain: Universal Invariant Recognition, Part I-VIII". I would like to learn how the brain works. I have a blog called Harold's World. Happy blogging.

Cam said...

Great shit!!
You may want to get in touch with Jon Depew. I know you never posted the comment I made with links to CoralCastleCode but his work is very relevant and it feels like the time to bring it to your attention again. Don't know if you investigated last time but his site is quite a bit more concise now.
I think he may be interested in RSRI.