Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working on Stuff


I am so busy lately that I haven't had time to work on the rest of the gravity series in the last few weeks. One of the things I am busy with is an e-book for the Amazon Kindle e-reader on the parallel programming crisis and Project COSA. It is mostly a collection of various articles and essays I've written on the subject over the years. I think it would be nice if everything was organized in an easy to browse format. Eventually, I would like to publish several e-books on the various subjects I've written about on this blog. One reason for the e-book project is that I need to make some extra income to support my research and gain free time to work on what I like the most.


I am also working on setting up a non-profit research and educational corporation called the Rebel Science Research Institute. RSRI will be an organization dedicated to theoretical and experimental research in physics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

I will publish a new post on gravity soon. Please be patient.

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Tango said...

Thats Amazing. Great. Do it. I am with you to volunteer to build up RSRI anytime.