Monday, December 7, 2009

Climate Change

Crooked Planet

Just a quick post to express my opinion on the man-made global warming hypothesis and the travesty taking place in Copenhagen. I think it's the biggest fraud in the history of science. But it pales in comparison to the two biggest frauds in the history of humanity: capitalism and communism. Did you know that the money that the US Federal Reserve (or similar institutions elsewhere) loans to banks is not theirs to use as they please? It's the public's money, of course. But don't let any of this get you down. Soon, the master of the house will come home and set things in order. I just thought I'd chime in today with another rebellious point of view.

PS. I am working on an article on gravity. Coming soon.


cam said...

hmm Yes the developments will be very interesting.

Glad to hear that.

Unknown said...

the federal reserve board, inc. isn't actually a public agency - it's a private bank owned by the big global banking players. they have a monopoly on federal reserve notes, or what we call US dollars. US dollars are private currency. our government is legally required (as of right now) to collect taxes in the form of this private currency and spends this private currency, bounding the US treasury to issue bonds (real value) and lets the private finance market determine the terms of the monetarization into the "US dollar." kennedy issued notes directly from the treasury, as did lincoln. both were murdered by agents of the empire. when enough people understand this, we will be able to abolish the fed, as i feel we are moving towards today. they're going to audit it for the first time ever, and barney frank's lame attempt to block the audit legislation failed so it's going to be revealed in the light of day exactly what has been going on in there.

this will hopefully gather the political momentum necessary to abolish the fed and replace with it a public institution like a national bank dedicated to expanding the physical economy instead of the casino style "markets" (virtual economy). true wealth = physical production, not "money".