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Lattice Propulsion, Part IV

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In Part III, I wrote that Edward Leedskalnin’s real message in his book, Magnetic Current, has to do with electrostatic fields and one’s orientation relative to the absolute axes of the universe. I believe that the entire message that Ed was trying to convey is contained in the first sentence of the book. I think that the rest of the book may have been a diversion. I also explained the riddle of the Sphinx and mentioned that Ed left another important clue, a stone shaped like a right angle. In this post, I will go over the meaning of the right angle stone and a couple of other related things. If you have not already done so, please read Physics: The Problem With Motion, Understanding the Lattice and the first three parts of this article before continuing.

Ed’s Flanking Stones

The problem with creating an electrostatic field between two plates is that there are two poles, positive and negative. Positive seraphim flowing from one plate meet negative seraphim coming from the other plate and cancel each other out. That is to say, no net force is created on a stone placed in the middle.
Why is this a problem? It has to do with energy conservation. In other words, if the seraphim cancel each other out when they interact with the stone in the middle, where do their energies go? Before I answer this question, please take a good look at the picture below. It is an intriguing picture of a stone monument that Ed erected inside Coral Castle. Observe that the big 30-ton block sitting on the ground in the middle is flanked by two smaller blocks.
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That is an interesting arrangement in its own right but what is even more interesting, in my opinion, are the horizontal lines on the flanking stones. Do you see the similarity between my diagram above and Ed’s blocks? Why would Ed place three blocks side by side when he could just as easily have placed a bigger block at the same spot? After all, if you can cut, lift and transport a 30-ton rock, how much more work would a 60-ton rock be? Ed was obviously sending a message. The symbolism of the structure is so striking that it seems to me that he must have understood a lot more about the underlying theory of levitation than can be surmised from his writings alone. It's either that or he was being directed by someone else. Who knows? There is much more to the mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and his castle than we can know for now.

The Right Angle Stone

When faced with a situation where the energy conservation principle is violated, nature must correct the violation somehow. (By the way, all conservation principles known to physics are derived from the mother of all conservation principles, the conservation of nothing. But that’s a topic for a future article). In this case, nature if forced to transform the seraphim in the counter-moving beams by transferring energy from one wing to another in order to eliminate the violation. The result is that the seraphim instantly change their movement and start moving in a perpendicular direction. If the seraphim were moving in a trajectory parallel to one of the absolute axes of the universes, nature has only two other perpendicular directions to work with, owing to the finite number of wings and the restrictions imposed on seraphical movement (see previous post). There is no reason to prefer one to the other. So nature chooses them at random, which means that, on average, the net effect is nil. The important thing to note about all of this is that the seraphim must do a 90-degree turn. I believe that this is part of the symbolic meaning of Ed's right-angle stone perched on a pedestal on top of the 30-stone block. The key to levitation is to come up with a way to force nature to do your bidding. Ed's right angle stone is an important part of the secret.

Lo que será, será

Whatever will be will be. At this point, it would be impossible for me to write another post on this subject without revealing the full secret of lattice propulsion (and stone levitation), a secret that was known to Ed Leedskalnin more than half a century ago, and to a select few in ancient times, a secret that will shake the world in more ways than one. I am very much aware of the possible consequences of unleashing this knowledge into the world and, frankly speaking, I am rather scared. I am scared for myself because a) I neither want nor need the publicity and b) this is the kind of stuff that brings out the evil in men. I am scared for humanity as well because, letting this knowledge loose into the world will be highly destabilizing, to say the least. But then again, I am just a raving lunatic, so I don't really know for sure what will happen.

U Can’t Touch This

That being said, something keeps telling me that all secrets are uncovered sooner or later and that this may be the right time for the ancient and powerful secret of the sea of glass and the six-winged seraphim to come out. If not, then I would not be able to reveal it even if I tried with all my might. I am planning a demonstration at a time and place of my choosing (soon, I hope). I cannot publish the experimental setup until after the demo. Why? Because I have noticed a tendency within the physics community to claim that they already have a theory for something even when the historical evidence squarely contradicts them. It's the "we knew it all along" syndrome. Someone wrote to tell me that physicists are way ahead of me and that they already know all about the lattice. They even have a name for it: the zero-point energy field. Ok. Whatever. What I really want to do is to demonstrate the levitation technology based on the hypothesis that I've tried to explain in these articles and then issue a challenge to the physics community to duplicate it. The name of the challenge will be “U can’t touch this”, following on a theme made famous by the M.C. Hammer song of the same name. In other words, the challenge will be, can your physics do this?

We are living in exciting times. Hang in there.


lcplusplus said...

"It's the "we knew it all along" syndrome."

Too true, and not only in the physics community!

Cam said...

Have you researched the Disclosure Project? They allege that UFOs use anti-gravity for propulsion.

Louis Savain said...


I don't know anything about either UFOs or the Disclosure Project. Please note that lattice propulsion is not anything like anti-gravity. It's just a way of using a miniscule part of the energy of the lattice to accelerate a massive body in a given direction.

Gravity, as I understand it, is a by-product of lattice interactions and it has to do with energy conservation. I'll explain my gravity hypothesis in a future article.

Cam said...

OK; more of L Wippler's thoughts. Maybe something interesting can be pulled from this. I look forward to your explanation of gravity very much!

Jim T said...

Just a quick note. Videoing a magic trick and then claiming that it was beyond mainstream science because no-body could explain it isn't going to work.

I don't know what you're planning, but it must be completely open and reproducible by others, no hidden magic sauce.

Rich said...

I will personally send $100.00 to you Louis if you are able to do this. And challenge anyone else to match me. If you are not going to patten this, you must be compensated with something besides the whole I told you so crap.

Louis Savain said...

Jim T wrote:

I don't know what you're planning, but it must be completely open and reproducible by others, no hidden magic sauce.

LOL. Jim, what if someone levitated a 30-ton block of stone in plain sight of everybody and walked it around a city block on a leash? Would that be considered a magic trick or would that constitute proof of levitation?

There is no question that this thing must be reproducible by others and it will be. And by 'others' I mean the lay public. I neither need nor want the physics community's seal of approval. I just want them to explain it and reproduce it using their own physics. If they can't do that, then they must acknowledge that their understanding of motion is crap and that their physics is fundamentally flawed.

To Rich:

I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunity for lots of people to patent all sorts of automated control and navigational mechanisms for this thing. That's just engineering. It's cool stuff but I'm not really interested in this sort of things other than having a few high-level ideas percolating in my brain.

That being said, I also believe that a worker is always worthy of his wages. The way I see it, if people think it's a valuable thing when I come out with it, they can just write me a check. If not, then they don't owe me a dime.


Jim T said...

Actually a levitating stone being walked around the block on a leash would just be a magic trick. After all, david blane's done some cool stuff in public where people can walk around him.

If you then disappeared in a huff because we didn't believe our own eyes, then it would be seen to be even more likely a trick of some sort.

I'm just suggesting to keep it open. Fully reproducible. If others can recreate it, then we can start looking.

There are many issues with the whole proof by demonstration thing. People have suggested cold fusion and non-reactive propulsion before. The fact these technologies are not in mainstream production even after such obvious displays clearly points to global scientific conspiracy [/sarcasm].

lcplusplus said...

Well imagine this technology as nano-bots as part of your DNA through genetic engineering (I called it first :) ). This could turn a Superman comic into a reality. Like Louis said, this type of technology could be used for greater good but possibly much greater evil, and there is no reassurance with that anymore than there is reassurance with any other potential weaponry. As I see it, No more "broken backs" and surgeries for construction workers, no more airplane tragedies, no more pollution, the list just goes on and on (this goes far beyond money, it makes money look that much more insignificant). In short; pain and suffering in this world could be reduced drastically.

You can add me to the list, if Louis is able to produce this I and as many people as I can get will gladly each send Louis $100.00. That amount would represent merely a token of appreciation, a "thank you" for your amazing ability to look outside the box.

Louis Savain said...


You got some imagination, amigo. I must admit that using this knowledge to engineer a real Superman never crossed my mind. At any rate, you're right about the awesome implications of this technology. It's bigger than even I think. And I've been thinking about it for a long time.

Thanks for the $100 offer but I think I'll just decline. Money is not what I'm really worried about right now.

Rich said...

Louis, I understand the money is really not important to you, I just feel like you will be owed so much. Damn I cant wait for this to go down.

Brad said...

I would like to say that I hope you give enough notice for people who are interested and can make the trip.
I know if it is possible I would like to be there.

Keep the ideas flowing.
I am also reading your Bible interpretation of brain function and it is very interesting.

God Bless,
Brad Willborn

James said...

When you say the rest of the book is a misdirection, do you mean Ed believed magnetricity was less important than his secret levitation theory, or do you mean he fabricated magnetricity to obscure his real ideas?

Also, will you be covering Atoms and how they interact with LPs at some point?

Louis Savain said...


I am not sure whether or not Ed fabricated his magnetic current hypothesis. All I know is that his writing on magnetism does not reveal anything revolutionary. His claim that everything is made of tiny magnets is not that far-fetched even to a quantum physicist. Magnetism is tied directly to the quantum spin of particles. So, in this sense, everything is made of tiny magnets, i.e., of particles with spin.

Ed's theory of gravity is, of course, pure crackpottery. At this point in my research, I'm leaning toward a deliberate subterfuge on his part. It may have been a way to fence off unwanted attention from either the government or mainstream physics. I say this because the symbolism that I uncovered elsewhere indicates a deeper understanding of the underlying theory. Likewise, I suspect that his entire tale of having built his castle for his sweet sixteen is pure fabrication, another smokescreen to hide the real purpose of the structure.

The more I think about it, the more suspicious I get of almost everything regarding Ed Leekskalnin and the Coral Castle.

Cam said...

Ah I recommend delving further into the sweet sixteen. Do you like math and geometry?

Steven Burnand said...

Hi Louis, are you still looking into how the ancients lifted the stones and what physics they used? If so I have some information for you. Steve

Louis Savain said...

Steve, you can post it right here if you like or you can email me.

Robert said...

From Sunday, November 1, 2009
Lattice Propulsion, Part IV - The Right Angle Stone:
(By the way, all conservation principles known to physics are derived from the mother of all conservation principles, the conservation of nothing. But that’s a topic for a future article).

No comments at all re: the conservation of nothing. Imagine that (all puns may or may not be germane). As (the once blind) Paul recorded: For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. Colossians 1:16-17 is also applicable (noteworthy: and he is before all things, and in him all things hold together).