Sunday, July 6, 2008

There Is Purpose to this Madness

Two Kinds of People

People often write to tell me that they have a hard time taking my work seriously because, when they Google my name, they cannot reconcile the foul mouthed Louis Savain whom many associate with a crank or a troll with the Louis Savain who writes about software reliability and parallel programming. Well, the way I see it, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who throw the baby out with the bathwater and those who don’t. I hate the former and I love the latter. Over the years, I purposely and systematically created an Internet persona that mixes both baby and bathwater in one package. I took pains to be as irreverent as possible toward some in the scientific community. Those who reject my work on the basis of something I wrote in a Usenet newsgroup or some other forum are not worth my time. And I’m sure they feel the same way about me. Those who see the merit of my work in spite of what they read on the Internet are the ones that I want to associate with. It’s that simple. You are either with me or you are against me.

The Religious Issue

Many years ago, I realized that science and technology are the religion of atheists. In fact, atheists, in their arrogance, have come to believe that science belongs to them by right and that no God believer has any business being a scientist. They established the Internet as their playground and they do their best to control the dissemination of scientific information so as to maintain their anti-religion bias. Intimidation and ridicule are their favorite weapons. They vilify anybody who is openly religious and, for whatever reason, their main target seems to be Christianity. The situation is so bad that many scientists and engineers of the Christian faith have gotten in the habit of hiding their religious inclinations so as to avoid discrimination. I am regularly attacked in certain circles (mostly computer geeks and a few rabid shit-for-brains (LOL) Darwinists like Paul Zachary Myers) because of my religious convictions. If it’s any consolation to the atheists, many Christians badmouth me as well.

Others hate me because of my writings on physics in which I criticize their favorite idols and portray them as crackpots. I admit it’s a little hobby of mine. Let me tell you though, I am not fazed in the least. This is one Christian who is going to be in your face everyday telling you that you’re full of shit. And, while I am in the mood, all of you people out there who worship the so-called Universal Turing machine are full of shit. The transformation of the UTM by the computer science community into a quasi-religious icon is one of the worse things to have happen to computing, in my opinion. I just thought I’d say this just for grins and giggles.

Don’t Read My Stuff

In conclusion, let me repeat something that I have said many times before. If you don’t like what I write or if what you read about me on the web bothers you or if you hate the fact that I am a Christian, then don’t read my stuff. Go read somebody else’s blog, goddamnit! You don’t put food on my table and I don’t put food on yours. This makes us even, right? Right.

PS. I just read a paper by Peter Wegner and Dina Goldin of Brown University titled “The Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth”. I can tell you this, it is an eye opener. I am planning to write a critique of it in the next few days. I recommend Peter and Dina’s work on non-algorithmic computing to all my readers. Thank God, there is still intelligent life in academia, after all.


Joonha said...

Louis Savain,

You are an interesting writer for sure. I don't have the scientific background to understand all your arguments, more of a basic understanding. I was hoping you could help me understand about your belief in God. It has been a long time since I believed in that sort of thing. I lost it because I couldn't make sense of it after I took logic courses, math, science and becoming a computer programmer. I suppose I fit in your atheist computer programmer group but I would say I'm more a believer probability or some form of agnostic that doesn't put much weight in the existence of things that are outside of proof in terms of things being relatively probable or worth investigating given the way it was conceived. You seem to have much energy in explaining and could understand where I may be off from your perspective. Could you send me a link of something you said to justify your belief in God. It would be interesting for me to read and ponder. I find your writing very entertaining and stimulating. I just found it on MIT Technology review and I have to say it was intriguing about motion although at first I laughed but then thought more about as I recently became interested in the theory of relativity. I wish you did bring your proofs to light though instead of hiding them and coming back at people with anger. That part seems kiddish for someone of your ability in writing and lessens your credibility. I don't understand why that gives you kicks. I didn't get the argument of how infinity doesn't make sense (n+1 idea) either? That is the problem, people think you are full of crap when you don't bother to prove things. It looks like you run from it by respond in anger which then makes you seem like a crackpot as you say. I would like to see some light if there is though, now I just think the meaning of life is no longer something that can be answered by a single doctrine, rather it is the individual that decides based on their pursuits. I am open to your opinion but it won't help anyone to get scorn in return. Even Jesus sat with the gamblers and thieves and was willing to explain. Please don't be an asshole, I'm sincerely asking for your justification of your belief in God. My best friend is Christian and I respect his beliefs and like to discuss it with him from time to time. It just came down to faith at the end. Is that all it is?

Unknown said...

Hi Louis,

Did you ever get a change to comment on Wegner's (et al) work? I'd be interested in hearing about how you feel "Interactive Computation" relates to what you are doing with COSA.

Louis Savain said...

Jamin, I wrote about Peter Wegner some time last year in a couple of posts about Turing. He even left a comment of his own. Do a search for Turing. Also read Erlang Is Not the Solution.