Thursday, July 17, 2008

AMD Must Stop Parroting Intel's Ancient x86 Technology

I was about to completely throw in the towel when I heard that Hector Ruiz is stepping aside as CEO of AMD. He will continue as Chairman while Dirk Meyer takes over as CEO. This is on the heels of AMD's announcement that it lost $1.2 billion for the quarter that ended on June 28. It is sad to read news like this. Ruiz said in a statement that "Dirk is a gifted leader who possesses the right skills and experience to continue driving AMD and the industry forward in new, compelling directions," (source: EETimes). I sure hope Ruiz is right because replacing him with Meyer is just window dressing unless Meyer takes the opportunity to change the company's business model.

It is time for AMD to realize that, even though it has the best engineering team in the world, parroting Intel's x86 technology is a losing proposition. Nobody can beat a behemoth like Intel while playing Intel's own game in Intel's own backyard. Now that the industry is transitioning away from sequential computing toward massive parallelism, AMD has the opportunity of a lifetime to take the bull by the horns and lead the world into the next era of computing. Intel is making a grave mistake by adopting multithreading as its parallel programming model. AMD must not make the same mistake. There is an infinitely better way to design and program multicore processors that does not involve threads at all. To find out why multithreading is not part of the future of computing, read Parallel Computing: Why the Future Is non-Algorithmic.

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