Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who Am I? What Are My Credentials?

People write to me to ask, “Who are you?” or “What are your credentials?”

  • I am a crackpot and a crank. Those are my credentials. Ahahaha…
  • I am a self-taught computer programmer. Ok, I did take a C++ class at UCLA a long time ago, just for grins and giggles. I have programmed in assembly, FORTH, BASIC, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Java, php, asp, etc…
  • I hate computer languages, all of them.
  • I hate operating systems, all of them.
  • I hate computer keyboards, even if I have to use them. They are ancient relics of the typewriter age.
  • I hate algorithmic computing.
  • I hate software bugs.
  • I hate all the crappy multicore processors from Intel, AMD, Tilera, Freescale Semiconductor, ARM, and the others.
  • I actually hate all CPUs, if only because they are all designed and optimized for algorithmic computing.
  • I hate thread-based parallelism.
  • I hate coarse-grain parallelism.
  • I hate threads, period. The thread is the second worst programming invention ever.
  • I hate Erlang’s so-called ‘lightweight’ processes.
  • I believe that, if your parallel language, OS or multicore CPU does not support fine-grain parallelism, it’s crap.
  • I hate the Von Neumann bottleneck.
  • I love synchronous, reactive, deterministic, fine-grain, parallel computing. That’s the future of computing.
  • I love reliable software.
  • I love Jeff Han’s multi-touch screen technology. That’s the future interface of programming. Drag'm and drop'm.
  • I love cruising catamarans.
  • I love people from all over the world.
  • I love Paris, New York City, Provence, French Riviera, Monaco, Nice, Venice, Rome, London, Amalfi coast, Turkey, Miami Beach, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Hawaii, Polynesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philipines, Papua, Sumatra, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Seychelles, Moroco, Zanzibar, Portugal, Russia (la vieille Russie), Eastern Europe, Nothern Europe, Western Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, Vienna, Bolivia, Amazon, Africa, China, Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, Chitzen Itza, Tokyo, Greece, Hong Kong, Budapest, Shanghai, Barcelona, Naples, Yucatan peninsula, Texas, Colorado, Alberta, Key West, Central America, South America, Alaska, Montreal, California, San Francisco, Carmel (Cal.), Los Angeles, Baja California, Houston, Seattle, Mazatlan, Vancouver, Chicago, Kernville (Cal.), Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Redwood Forest, Yellowstone, etc… All right. I never set foot in some of those places but I would love to. Come to think of it, I just love planet earth.
  • I love plants and trees and animals.
  • I love astronomy, archaelogy, history, science, languages and cultures.
  • I love white water rafting, canoeing, fishing, walking in the woods or in a big city, hiking, bicycling, sailing, scuba diving, surfing. Unfortunately, I can’t do most of these sports for the time being.
  • I love the arts, movies, painting, architecture, theatre, sculpture, photography, ceramics, microphotography, novels, science fiction, poetry, digital arts, haute cuisine, hole-in-the-wall cuisine, home-made cuisine, haute couture, restaurants, interior decorating, furniture design, landscaping, carpentry, all sorts of music.
  • I am passionate about artificial intelligence and extreme fundamental physics. I don't know why. Check out my series on motion.
  • More than anything, I love the Creator who made it all possible.
  • Atheist computer geeks hate me but I laugh in their faces.
  • Shit-for-brains voodoo physicists don’t like me but I crap on their time-travel and black hole religion.
  • I am a Christian but, unlike most Christians, I believe in weird Christian shit. I believe that we are all forgiven (just ask), even computer geeks and crackpot physicists. What’s your chicken shit religion? Ahahaha...
  • If my Bible research offends you, then don't read my blog. It's not meant for you. I need neither your approval, nor your criticism, nor your money. I don't care if you're Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei.
  • I’m the guy who hates to say ‘I told you so’ but I told you so. Goddamnit!
  • I am right about software reliability.
  • I am right about parallel programming and multicore processors.
  • I am right about crackpot physics.
  • I am right about the causality of motion and the fact that we are immersed in an immense ocean of energetic particles.
  • I am wrong about almost everything else.
  • Food? Did anybody mention food? I’m glad you asked. I love sushi and sashimi with Napa Valley or South American Merlot, Indian food, Mexican food, Thai food, Chinese Szechwan food, French food, Italian food, Ethiopian food, Spanish food, Korean food, Iranian food, Brazilian food, Cuban food, Malaysian food, Indonesian food, Haitian food, Argentinean food, Peruvian food, Vietnamese food, Cajun food, southern style barbecue ribs, Jamaican food, Yucateco food, Greek food, New York hotdogs, Chicago hotdogs, burritos, tacos de carne asada, tacos al pastor, chipotle, peppers, In-N-Out Burgers, New York pizza, corn tortillas, chiles rellenos, huevos rancheros, pollo en mole, French crepes, French cheeses, Italian cheeses, Japanese ramen (Asahi Ramen, Los Angeles), Japanese curry, soy sauce, sake, tequila with lime, mezcal, rum, rompope, Grand Marnier, cocktails, all sorts of wine, Dijon mustard, chocolate, French pastry, Viennese pastry, German beer, espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, café Cubano, Starbucks, Jewish deli food, Italian deli food, all sorts of spices, all sorts of seafood, tropical fruits, etc… Ok, you get the picture. As you can see, I love food and this is just a short list. And no, I’m not a fat slob. I am actually skinny.
  • I am part French, part Spanish, part black, part Taino (Caribe Indian) and other mixed ethnic ingredients from the distant past.
  • Oh, yes. I love women, too.
All right. That's enough of me. I got to get back to my AI project now. Later.


ikbol said...

What alternatives do you offer to algorithmic computing? Edelman certainly doesn't believe the brain is algorithmically programmed.

mrhassell said...

Sounds great all up to the part where you brought religion to the table.

Golden rules are to ignore religion and screw politics. Being human aside your blog is perfect reading and your writing is golden!

Thank you for being an individual and speaking your mind, which is obviously evolved past brown nosing and pandering to lame expectations set by old men who stopped thinking, breathing or trying way back. Most people would be cowards if they had enough courage, to speak your mind and know what you speak of takes something more than guts.

Kick out the jams!

MartynStrong said...

Can you apply your skills to the following problem:

Capital markets are unstable. In the past there was no way to make them stable. But today we have computer power that can be used to make them stable.

By using the greater computer power of today we can have a much higher turn over of capital in the capital market. This higher turnover will make the market harder to game or control and the market will no longer have the unstable run ups or declines. Who can change or control the market when say 20% of the capital is trading each day?

So now that we have the compute power to provide for all these transactions that will smooth out the market how do we force people to turn over at a rate of 20% a day? Easy, put a cap gains tax of 0% (zero) on all gains of 7 days or less and put a cap gains tax of 90% of all gains of more than 7 days.

The likes of Yahoo, Micosoft and/or Sun Micro Systems will give us the systems that will provide automated software agents to support turning over one's investments every 7 days (based on the specs you give the agent).

A system like this will make the financial markets work as smoothly as the local fruit market.

Unknown said...

Oh, you're going to be quite the morning read

Chavera Oh said...

Hallo Rebel :)
I must say that bringing God (not religion) into the picture made your psychoanalysis a lot more interesting to another crank. I could feel it in my bones that one can by no means explore the universe so intensly without a deep love for the maker. I am a Christian but I do not go to any church, I do not celebrate any holidays, and yet I celebrate life :) Can one celebrate life without drinking beer? I do :D Btw, I keep being told that Polish beer is better than German. Verify your ratings, pls! Greetings from Europe :)

Unknown said...

For someone who considers themselves a Christian, you spend an inordinate amount of time on ad hominem attacks and name-calling. Maybe you should ask yourself the question, "Who would Jesus call shit-for-brains?"

If you spent half as much time explaining your "solutions" as you do explaining why everyone else is stupider than you, then maybe you'd get taken seriously.

Louis Savain said...

Perch (obviously a scientist wannabe) wrote:

For someone who considers themselves a Christian, you spend an inordinate amount of time on ad hominem attacks and name-calling.

Name calling, yes. Ad hominem attacks, no. I carefully explain why a bunch of so-called scientists are full of shit. I am one of those Christians who love to make fun of assholes. If you don't like my brand of Christianity, you can eat shit. How about that?

"Who would Jesus call shit-for-brains?"

Jesus would call you a gutless anonymous swine. That's for sure. LOL.

If you spent half as much time explaining your "solutions" as you do explaining why everyone else is stupider than you, then maybe you'd get taken seriously.

Taken seriously by whom? Gutless anonymous swines and shit-for-brains physicists? That's a laugh.

Unknown said...

I realize you haven't hit puberty yet, but come on, you can troll better then that. The guys over at 4chan should be able to help you out.

Btw, what bowling-ally do you work at? I'd love to stop by and give you an extra large tip so you can finally move out of your parent's basement. LOL

Louis Savain said...

Perch wrote, "Blah, blah".

You're still a gutless anonymous swine according to Jesus. LOL.

Jerry Nicolas said...

You're mentally strange. I love it. Keep it up. You have gained dedicated reader.



Great site, great thinking, and even better stimulation of thinking. Looking forward to more.

@ MartynStrong,

"Capital markets are unstable."

Come on Martyn, don't buy the crap being fed the masses** about the markets being "open" or otherwise. Markets are controlled.

If you controlled or influenced a trillion dollars in offshore trusts, for example, would you screw with the money? Not much. You'd manage it carefully and grow it carefully, while building your own nest. Markets are as stable as a chosen few want them to be, and those guys are absolutely ruthless. It also doesn't take much capital to scare a market, up or down.

** Masses: Everyone from the individual day trader, to the guys managing $10 billion funds. They're all bit players to the guys who control the greatest game on earth.

Jesus said...

Hello Savain,

I got a question for you, if you could gladly answer I will be grateful.

Do you believe in the existence of intelligent "live/life" creatures outside of earth?

Intelligence in the broad sense.(Lesser, equally or superior as humans)

Thanks for the reply

Louis Savain said...

Jesus asked:

Do you believe in the existence of intelligent "live/life" creatures outside of earth?

Absolutely. I not only believe in extraterrestrial aliens, I believe they are here on earth now and they've been here for a long time. Does not the Bible teach us that there were many gods (Elohim) who came to earth because they thought we were hot? And does not the historical and archaeological record teach us that powerful immortal beings used to live among us and we used to worship them as deities?

If those in academia choose to dismiss these accounts as religious myths, it's only because they have something to hide.

Doug said...

Helo Savain,

If I might offer a practical reason for toning things down just a bit.

It seems to me that you have some very sound points about SW reliabilty, etc. But your tone, especially comments like

Taken seriously by whom? Gutless anonymous swines and shit-for-brains physicists? That's a laugh.

This kind of response makes it tough for someone who thinks you might have a point (like me) to other people to even consider your arguments. The confrontational tone shapes people's reactions to your technical arguments.

Personally, I consider myself almost completely at the "crackpot" end of the spectrum of phuds (as opposed to the "librarian's" -- folks who's dissertation was on "the 47th in the expansion of some integral that only 12 people in the world care about").

But -- I can't say that I'm all way at the crackpot end. I still have this annoying need to prove that my wild ideas are actually correct.The tone you take towards the rest of the community sounds a heck of alot like "proof by intimidation" -- which I've found never got me very far. More to the point, being human means being fallible -- taking the time to prove it often exposes initial errors and ultimately gets me to the right answer faster.

To that end (proving it) -- is there some way that you could prove some simple facet regarding your SW reliability approach? Perhaps with an trivially simple "foo-bar" version of the new OS that you assert is required? That would give the rest of us something to pick at until we start to 'get it.'

Just a bit of brotherly advice from one crackpot to another.

strictlycommercial said...

I wonder - do you know of a man named Terence McKenna?

The Neanderthal said...

I am on the same page with you on almost everything except... GOD. You say you don't need our opinion/approval/disapproval of it, but keeping up with your spirit and tone (which I believe I share) I'll say it loud and clear: God is the biggest blunder of human intellect and is almost entirely a product of our ego and fear and desire to have an easy answer to everything (fear and ego prevent us from seeing that god in fact is no answer to anything).

Keep up the good work. I enjoy following your posts on AI and Physics.

Toole said...
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Unknown said...

out of box thinking...!!!Great work

Unknown said...

Louis Savain, I just want to thank you for your great work.
Unfortunately, most of the people in computer science have very dogmatic thinking. Studying the philosophy is too hard for them, studying cristian philosophy and studying bible are unthinkable for them.
As the result we have world army of dogmatic computer geeks whose faith in their believings is hard than any pope. Thank you for popularising the alternative views.

Louis Savain said...

Santosh and Max,

Thank you for the kind words. Mainstream science is about to undergo the most radical paradigm shift in its history. The word cataclysm will not do it justice. Many cherished theories in such fields as artificial intelligence, physics, biology, economics, etc., will be toppled. It will happen in your lifetimes. Wait for it. said...

I don't see why people are offended and complain, because you were telling that you have your own version of god and chritianity in an introduction of who you are, since when is a personal introduction or the personality of someone subject to the "scientific" thought police?

But, but does your version of christianity include ephesians 4:29 and colossians 3:8 ?

invoking damnation from God on something or someone hurts.

I like some of your articles taking on pseudoscience disguised as science.

Andy said...

I found your blog as a result of your piece on time and relativity. I have to admit that I think I am very close to your thinking regarding parallel systems and the von neumann bottleneck.The work I do and the direction I see opening up for Systems Engineering based on a UML style view of the world has lead me to my conclusions. Processing can be distributed, massively parallel and entirely dumb. Intelligent behaviour arises from a system operating in a self-supervising manner where it can indirectly change many of the rules it works to and thereby change what it knows.

On a different topic you may be interested in formula I published for G, the gravitational constant. I think it is useful from a practical point of view but also it points to a link between quantum energy and gravity.

Have you given any thought to whether the physics of the universe is finite or whether infinity has any practical significance. Personally, I conclude that absolute zero (rather than a relative difference) and infinity are purely abstract mathematical concepts and should be treated as such. Extreme caution needs to be used in assigning any meaning to them. I firmly think that putting infinity and zero in their proper place, eliminating singularities and divide by zero errors will be a key part of a paradigm shift to put physics and mathematics on a solid base to explain the universe rationally.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!