Monday, May 7, 2007

Rebel Science News!

I've been meaning to start a Rebel Science blog page for a long time. Only laziness and lack of time have prevented me from doing so. The advantages of using a standard blog are obvious: automatic archiving, time stamps, RSS support (syndication), searching, etc... I could have hosted my blog on my web server but I decided that there is no need to use any of my allotted bandwidth since Google already provides a free blogging service. I also came to the conclusion that having a separate news page for each topic (Bible physics, Bible AI, computer reliability) does not really offer any benefit. From now on, all news articles will reside in a single location. The content of a news item and the accompanying links should be enough to establish context. A reader can always use keywords to search the archive and locate articles of interest.

On the right side of this blog page is a panel labeled "Older News". In it you will find links to the old news pages. I plan to eventually transfer all the old news articles to the archive for this blog so that they can be searched by keywords.

Having said this, nothing is written in stone. I am always willing to see the error of my ways and repent if necessary. Please let me know what you think.

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