Monday, May 7, 2007


I have been having serious misgivings about continuing this work (Bible Physics), or rather, about posting my findings on the web. Just the other day, I was doing a little research on Google about the Coral Castle, a strange tourist attraction south of Miami where I live. Apparently Edward Leedskalnin, the builder of Coral Castle, stumbled upon some powerful secret which he claimed was known to the ancient builders of the great Pyramid of Egypt. What intrigued me is a little book written by Leedskalnin on the subject of magnetism. In it, he claims that the theory he proposed makes sense only if the reader orients himself due east while reading the descriptions. One should note that the Coral Castle, just like the great pyramid of Egypt and other megalithic structures around the world, is aligned to true north. I did not get much from the book in the way of inspiration because of its strange cryptic style but, as I mention elsewhere in these pages, the secret of the seraphim, the constituents of an immense sea of energy in which we move, has something to do with their movements along absolute 2-D planes. The earth's axis certainly has a fixed north-south orientation due to its rotation. An imaginary surface cutting through the earth at a perpendicular angle to the north-south axis would constitute a fixed 2-D plane. Whether or not this plane is perfectly aligned with one of the absolute fixed planes of the seraphim, I do not know yet; but I have this funny feeling that the little Latvian was onto something big. I sorely need to conduct a few experiments of my own but my current situation won't let me.
Anyway, I edited and made a few additions to the Seraphim page while I am debating whether or not this is the right time for this knowledge to emerge. There is a lot more stuff I want to write about but, frankly, I am afraid. Forgive my use of the vernacular but this is truly powerful shit I am meddling with here. This stuff is downright scary. The artificial intelligence stuff is scary too but the physics stuff is scarier, in my opinion, if only because I believe it can be implemented by almost anybody on a very short notice. In a world so divided and shaken by strife and violence, this is the sort of thing that would surely bring us face to face with catastrophe on a global scale. Unless we change our ways, of course. More to come...

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