Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's the Hardware, Stupid.

Sooner or later, the COSA paradigm will hit critical mass. It will happen when a sufficiently large number of intelligent people in the business recognize, not only the wisdom of the approach, but also the golden age that the new software model will bring. However, I have a word of caution for any Fortune 500 technology company that is seriously interested in capitalizing on the coming COSA revolution: the money is in the hardware, not the software. COSA is an idea that is already in the public domain. You can't patent it. You can't say it's your idea either unless, of course, you want to be laughed at. Until a de facto COSA standard model emerges, good luck trying to make money selling a proprietary COSA OS or development tools that may or may not be compatible with the eventual standard. Everybody and their uncle will be working on a competing OS and the free software movement is certainly not going to flip on its back and die. This is not to say that there will not be any money in selling COSA tools but the days of DOS-begat-Microsoft are over.

It is best to take an indirect approach, in my opinion. I think it more advisable for you to form a strong alliance within the industry with the openly stated objective of focusing your collective financial, political and philanthropic muscle into establishing a completely open standard. In other words, the COSA OS and the necessary development tools should be completely free and open. And I mean 'free' both as in "free beer" and as in liberty. In the meantime, you would be hard at work on your new fully COSA-optimized, multi-core, green CPU design. By the time the standard is agreed upon, you would be way ahead of the pack by being the first to market a CPU compatible with the accepted model. This will give you the breather you need to improve on your initial design and maintain an iron grip on the market. By that time, you're no longer in the business of manufacturing and selling computer CPUs. You're in the tool business. Don't worry about public acceptance of the new OS. COSA software construction will be so easy that the market will be flooded with high quality applications from the get go. Essentially, you'll be in the middle of a gold mining frenzy and you're the only supplier of picks and shovels in town.

Welcome to the true golden age of computing. Welcome to the COSA revolution.

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Tanmoy Deb said...

Right. HW is the role player here. As an example, this is like the combination of JOP(Java Optimized Processor) and Java language, where the many of the byte-codes are implemented in the GATE level in the MPU and the JOP is working as JVM to run the bytecodes directly on the native HW.

In this COSA, the Neuro-cellular Virtual Machine is working in the GATE level (as the JOP for Java) for the COSA programming components.