Sunday, May 6, 2007


I am seriously considering going back to my AI roots, so to speak, and revive my old Animal program. My rationale for doing so is that I need some serious funding to continue my work. I am thinking that a chess program that gets better as it plays would be attractive to lenders and investors alike, especially if it can go from a rank beginner to expert or even master level without the usual alpha-beta search algorithm. A user could raise his or her own chess brain and pit it against others. I would like to rewrite Animal almost from scratch but this time I would use the C# language and Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express, thereby killing two birds with one stone since the product would be available for both Windows and Xbox. My plan is to eventually move to the game of Go, a beautiful board game that has so far resisted all traditional approaches commonly used by chess or checkers programmers. Go is the most popular board game in the world, being played religiously by millions of people in Japan, Korea, China and elsewhere. Current computer Go programs are famously weak. A Go program that can play a decent game is sure to be an instant hit. My only problem is time. Oh well.

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